Moto G6 not ringing

While searching for an answer, I came across this thread about my Moto G6 not ringing and I posted on the thread below with a screen shot

Hello @bonnieh.71i8en

I’ll repost your image here:

I’m going to suggest something that might sound strange but It’s based on the below post on the Motorola board.

Please try moving the “ring volume” slider back and forth and then set back to the rights (on).

"I messed with the adjustment of ring volume and, voila, the problem went away!

This suggests that the display of ring volume setting may not be 100% accurate. It is possible that when it shows 100% it is it can be totally off."

The areas I marked up are what need to be changed. They indicate the phone being in vibrate even tho it’s not in “do not disturb” and the “ring volume” is all the way up.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I’m also going to suggest, as pointed out by @SpeedingCheetah in the other post, to click on the “shortcut to prevent ringing” and turn that off. Tho when I tested that on my phone the “ringer volume” goes to the left (off) and yours shows as all the way to the right, (on).

But please let us know if moving the ringer slider worked for you. :slight_smile:

I found this thread when searching why my phone only vibrates and does not ring. It does the same on text messages I did was was recommended above and everything checks out OK.

In that screen shot, the phone IS in Vibrate mode though…is that intentional?
I am uncertain as to your reason or context for posting that screenshot.

Also, that bottom option Shortcut to prevent ringing, sounds like it could be a cause of accidental Vibrate mode engage.

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Ok moving the “ring volume” slider back and forth and then set back to the rights (on), worked. I do have my phone set to vibrate too because I carry my phone in my front jeans pocket and sometimes I feel the vibration before the actual ring.
I saw that icon but did not know what it was. I am no longer as sharp as I used to be so I did not give it much thought, but it gone now.
Anyway thanks to everyone for your help and I am thankful my phone is working again.

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