Moto G6 on callout no one hears me

What phone do you have? Moto G6 Play

What plan are you on? Data and talk, Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes

Issue Description

When I call out and someone answers they can not hear me. I have reset my app’s and made sure my phone is update. I alos downloaded an App to check the mic and speakers and they are working fine. So I am lost as to what to do next.

So have you VoIPed the phone? How to Refresh the Republic Wireless Activation – Republic Help

Dave, Thanks for the information. I try it and it didn’t help. :frowning:

Please open the Republic app and touch the gear icon in the upper right. Then touch About, and look for SIM type. It will be either GSM or CDMA.

Which is it?

Also, does it work on speaker? Can someone hear you if you’re calling on speaker? Anything like a case potentially blocking the microphone input?

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Hi @leonardr.s4vc2w,

Have you noticed whether this happens on WiFi, on cell, or both?

Dave, It is CDMA. No one can hear me on or off speaker and I have removed the case. I think I have a hardware failure.

Southpaw, It the same on Wifi or cell.

Thanks, this tells us it’s not something about your WiFi network.

Here are a few more things you can try.

Clear the system cache:

Try operating the phone in Safe Mode.

Check to make sure you’re not using any of the apps we’ve identified as problematic:

As a last resort, factory reset the phone and test without restoring from a backup.

Thanks to ALL for your help. I have tried everything and I think it is a hardware failure. Have ordered a new phone.

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