Moto G6 or a bring your own phone Moto G7 play ? or other for no more than $175?

I need a new phone for my husband. We will need a Motorola brand and I have been waiting on a sale here at Republic since we have limited funds for this purchase. I see the Moto G6 is now lower pricing. Is this a good phone? He needs a sturdy phone with the basic features that work very well. No glass back…I don’t think these have that.
I also don’t want a lemon.

I found this Moto G7 play that has the model listed as Republic compatible…

any suggestions here? I can also purchase elsewhere but when I did that before, you all helped me through that process. The phone I purchased then, the Moto G5s plus is working well, but I can’t find one of those new any more.
any help is appreciated.

Why do you need a Motorola phone?

His phone is very old and time to be replaced. It is a Moto G 3rd gen, I believe purchased in April of 2016. He is in need to load some apps and the phone is slow and nearly “done”
We have had Motorola phones because that is what we have always used. We have found them a good choice.

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The Moto G7 Play you linked to looks like a nice phone and its got a nice price as well.
(They have a plastic resin body, not glass)

Please note that when your husband gets his new phone he will probably need to order a new SIM for it, unless you are getting the phone through Republic in which case the SIM will be preinstalled for you. (The SIM in his G3 needs to stay with that phone.)

Also, please note the new phone will need to be on the My choice plan. His G3 is one of the last legacy phones Republic was selling and only works on those old plans on Republic.

Hope this helps!

Yes, that is helpful . That is correct, we will need to update his phone.
Is the linked Moto G7 play appear to be Republic compatible as I am thinking? I think that is what you meant when you said that it would need a new SIM. I did do this with my phone back in august, so I think I know how to do it if I can be sure it is the correct model of that phone to work with republic,

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

The Moto G7 Play you linked in you initial post is definitively Republic compatible.

If you source the new phone anywhere other than Republic, your husband will need a new SIM as the SIM in his G3 is phone specific and cannot be used in any other phone. To be certain we point you to a SIM with appropriate coverage attach3ed, would you be comfortable sharing a zip code (nothing more)?

sure here we are in tiny town usa 67062
Yes, we won’t use the current SIM in a new phone

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

As you may know, Republic offers multiple coverage options for its newer compatible phones. Please do not buy Republic’s standalone SIM available for public sale as the coverage it provides will not be adequate in your tiny town. Instead, once the phone is in hand, please do the following:


Ok, when I brought my own phone, southpaw just sent me a SIM card, so I’m guessing this is the kind that she sent.
thank you

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

It is indeed the same type of SIM southpaw sent you and you’re most welcome!

@hipcowboy420, I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a terrible experience with your phone. That would leave me utterly frustrated as well. If you would be willing to share some more information on the issues with the community and maybe we could help solve the problems you’re having with the phone.


There hasn’t been a phone that would work with that plan since July 2016. Well over 3 years.

The G7 Power is an extremely popular phone with generally excellent reviews. I’m sorry that you’re having problems with the device, but this isn’t something systemic with the device. If you’d like to troubleshoot, the community, or the support team would be very happy to help.

I’m not sure which thing you’re referring to here, the phone or the plan. If you’re referring to the plan it has literally been years since the plan you have has been available. Can you think of anything else that you purchase regularly that’s still available at the same price nearly 4 years later? As far as the phone goes, Republic doesn’t make the phones. They also offer a 14 day return policy. If you’re that unhappy the phone can be returned.

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I bought the Moto G6 from Republic when it was on sale as part of a back to school special. It was a great phone until the Android Pie (9.0) update. Then it became so slow I went back to my broken screen Moto Z until I picked up a Z3 Play from Motorola. Its screen died in the 1st month and now I’m on Z3 Play #2. So far so good.

I purchased a Moto G7 Power at the end of October 2019 directly from Motorola for $199. I’ve seen it on sale at Amazon since then for $179.

I like the G7 Power because it has a large long-lasting battery and charges very quickly. I’ve been charging this phone for only an hour or two every other day!

If you order this phone from anywhere other than Republic Wireless, be sure to order this model number: XT1995-5. Other models are likely not to work with Republic Wireless.

Hope this helps.

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DONT buy a g6 its awful I bought one to replace my moto z play which was great Now less than a year old it randomly reboots for no reason at all My z play had replaced Moto x both were great but the g6 is a dud

The Moto G line of phones is consistently one of the best selling lines of mid-range phones in the US. Generally they have great reviews which say they offer a lot for the price. I’m sorry that your G6 was a dud, and if it less than a year old you should be working with Motorola, because it is still under warranty, but one bad G6 does not mean all G6 phones are bad.

Random reboots are typically an indicator that a rogue app is hogging resources, but could also indicate a hardware problem. If the phone hasn’t sustained physical damage, troubleshooting could be well worth your time.

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so I got the phone today and I will attempt to order this SIM card tonight! Thanks

I agree with many of your complaints about the G7. I couldn’t wait to upgrade but it was not an improvement from the G6, other than the battery having a longer charge. My phone doesn’t always ring but I’m retired, so that part is fine with me. They can just leave a message if it’s that important

Should I do the same? I’m probably going to get a Moto G7 from the Motorola web site. I currently have the Moto G3 and am on the old refund plan. I realize I will have to upgrade to a current plan. My zip is 28792. Thanks!

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