Moto G6 -- Others Have Issues? Recommend Alternative?

I recently bought a Moto G6 and ended up returning it after the internal trouble-shooting app indicated it had a bad microphone. When I made calls no one could hear me, even after extensive trouble shooting.
I am a rural healthcare provider and need a phone that will allow me to leverage the data coverage Republic offers. If the return goes well I plan to purchase another phone from Republic, been with them for many years now without issue.

Is anyone eles having a similar experience with the G6? Or reliability issues in general with the G6?

Is there another new phone under $400 you might recommend over the G6?

Thanks ahead of time!

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Yes the moto G5+ Ir is a solid phone I have it an on
RW. The G6 I sent it back could not hear calls volume was so low an no fix.

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Is your current phone on the same carrier as the previous one?
The 'Legacy X/G/E’s were all CDMA (Sprint) … majority of the 3.0 phones are either CDMA or GSM. This may make a difference in performance based on area.

Looks like you were just unlucky and got a bad phone. I haven’t heard of any problems with the G6 before this. I recommend just getting another G6.

I got the phone through google as I was on FI We
went through all the steps including safe mode, moto fix steps even factory reset. The volume never adjusted even with a hearing aide turned up all the way had to put speaker phone on an then it would blast you. This was on on any call you couldnt hear the other person at the far end.
Even Motorola rep had no fix said to replace the phone I did that an the replacement phone did the same thing. Went through all the testing again
Nothing helped . Sent them back. So still have the nexus 5x work fine no trbl.

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