MOTO G6 phone screen functions grayed out when making call

Hello. My G6 suddenly lost the ability to select screen selections during a call like: speaker, hold, keypad, mute. I restarted the phone a few times. Using the latest version Android 9.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Hello @rw.xh3rnm,

I would try clearing the phone app caches.
You can find them in the phones settings, apps, then find your dialing app and go to Storage and Cache to clear them.

Please let us know if that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you. I couldn’t get to the cache through the phone settings but went to clear the cache of all the apps in the full list in the Storage section. It brought the phone down from 82% storage to 72%. The phone shows me using 23 GB of the total 32 GB I restarted the G6 twice and tried making a call but the screen functions are still grayed out.

Please try opening the Settings app.
Then tap Apps, or Apps & Notifications
Then tap Phone
Then tap Storage & Cache
Then tap Clear Storage

The steps may be a little different on your phone. If you don’t see exactly what we’ve described, please let us know exactly what you do see, and someone can tell you where to go from there.

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Thank you Southpaw I see all of that now. I am not too good with all of this stuff.
But it says: “All this app’s data will be permanently deleted. This includes all files, settings, accounts and databases.” Sounds like I would lose everything ?

Thank you.

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Hi @rw.xh3rnm,

Not to worry , clearing the cache and storage will not do any damage. (I tested it to make sure). You will however have to re-pick a persons default number again. In other words if you have a contact with more than one number when you first dial that person, the app will ask which number you want as the default.
That was the only change I found by clearing the caches.


Thank you SuperT and Southpaw. I didn’t try the last step you guys told me about but the next morning the phone started acting normal again. So I am back to normal. Thank you !!


This may or may not be connected to your problem but know that when a Moto X, X2 or Samsung S7 has a Bluetooth connection to an X-Link adapter the dialer’s speakerphone option is grayed out. I suppose other Bluetooth connections or having an accessory plugged into the audio jack (when equipped like the G6) can do the same thing.