Moto G6 Play is so frustrating, apps will not work and below mediocre camera

What phone do you have? G6play

What plan are you on? talk text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? no data

I was forced into getting a new phone when my elderly mom drove off with my MotoG5S+ on her hood. I have had the phone for 10 days and it is Awful!
After It took 4 FULL business days to arrive with overnight shipping from a warehouse only an hour away =(
This phone is So Hard to use because it does not work right!
Losing wifi signal when it is very strong and other devices are having no issues even standing next to router.
The camera is so much worse than expected … so slow and fuzzy focus, no detail even in bright light.
the battery may charge fast [which is the only plus I have found]
but the same Apps I have on the G5s+ and the old G1 do not work on this phone well, if at all.
there is a delay in response , a lag in everything.
There are no incoming phone calls at all , while nice I am not sure why I was getting spam calls on other models. There are dead spots and loss of wifi for no reason at all when other things have no problem at all in exact same spot at exact same time! It is constantly crashing and stopping! Even Gmail messages do not send promptly.

And the most frustrating is I have to clear cache Every Single Time I open an app to get it to work, like instagram I have to clear cache to get it to work at all or it freezes every time if I do not clear cache. EVERY Single Time!
yes I tried turning it off and waiting 5 turning it back on again, uninstalling, turning off again, reinstalling and everything else they suggested
instead of being comparable to the phone that was lost this is more like the G1 except the G1 still works reliably =(
this is the fourth Moto G phone I have had and it is so stressful trying to get it to work =( {the others worked fine}

Sorry you are having such an unfortunate experience :frowning:
As there are so many problems, you may want to start narrowing it down a bit

  • Boot up in Safe Mode this is for testing and it will prevent the loading of all 3rd party apps … then try working with something that is left.

There is nothing left in safe mode that is necessary for my even having the phone
I am not sure what to do
the reason I use the phone is for security cameras and apps and Instagramming my garden and keeping in touch with people now that my husband died
if the security apps do not work wit this phone but still work fine on the old G1 does that mean is it this phone ?
do I just need to return it and get an old used phone somewhere ?
I have spent so much time trying to get this to work
I am so stressed I just can not think

  • I would proceed with testing the usability of the basic phone for calling, texting and taking pictures. Then based on the results from that phase of testing it may be necessary to start removing some apps.
  • It would also be advisable to make sure that none of the existing apps you use/need do not have updates pending from Google Play Store.
    • Access Google Play Store / :menu: Menu / My apps & games /UPDATES Tab
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yes that has been done - all updates installed
I checked all that before asking for help from republic and motorola

and yes all that unnecessary stuff works fine in safe mode or as well as it ever did in normal mode

I am thinking it is just incompatible with the things I need it to do and maybe start a return and see if I can find a refurbished older phone that will work without the issues =(

ok, thanks for the feedback. You may want to list your most critical 3rd party apps, incase other users could offer some additional advice

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I deleted all the other apps

the Meshare security camera app is my most critical and seems to be most affected by the lag and constant dropping of wifi but it is all running on my g1 using just wifi just fine
holding one in each hand to test wifi ? no issues on G1 while 1 to 2 min lag on new phone

but Instagram is most annoying… having to clear the cache every single time to get it to open
and I know it is not necessary to most but that is the way I keep in touch with my many overseas friends and people that check on me too often now that my husband died… [if I do not answer they send people to ck on me?]

If I return this phone while I still can…
which might be the best way to save my sanity
Should I buy the same G5s+ that I had replaced from the motorola store since republic no longer carries,
do I order a sim card from republic? or what are the steps?
Thank you so much for your help! I have been so stressed with everything, I can not think!

I can’t offer much help on advising a replacement for you … hopefully others will chime in?

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Jben Thank you for your help <3
the stress of trying to get it to work has made me decide to go back to the model phone that worked fine but got lost hitting the road somewhere

so I am still within the 14day return on the Moto G6play I got to replace the lost G5S+ but the 6 is so very frustrating and even with all the fixes suggested the apps I rely on will not work …

I know can transfer # to my old G1 until I can get a new phone
but before I transfer number and start the return, all this stress has just turned my brain to mush and I have a couple questions

Like if I order the G5S+ from motorola how do I get a Sim card from republic ? just order one?
and I wanted to be sure before I order that an unlocked G5S+ from motorola will work once I put a republic sim card in … from what I can find it seems that would be the case

This G6play has been a total nightmare =(
I just want to go back to the reliable model instead of waste any more hours on this
Before I start a return is there anything else I have to do?
Thank you for your help!

Hi @maryg.ijuc2u

@jben has been awesome walking you through trouble shooting! But before you return the phone you might try one last option. I would try a Factory Reset. I have learned to do that with new hardware for a couple of reasons. 1. because the devices can come with the OS being a little wonky (like what you’re experiencing) and 2. It proves to me that when the time comes the reset does work (a test if you will).
If you do this, try playing around with the phone to check for lag before you reinstall the Meshare app.

Hi @maryg.ijuc2u,

I’ve moved your question about returning the phone into your existing topic about your frustrations with the phone, so the context is all in one place.

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Thank you so much Jben
and superT thank you , I did that first day of issues, no help so just going to return then go back to reliable model

I really want to make sure before I order g5s+ from the motorola store it will work with republic , that was the model that I had before the 6 and it ran everything fine

I do not want to switch to my older G1 to use during return until I was sure that would work

the way things have been going… I just wanted to confirm before I messed something up

A quick check of the Motorola store shows the Moto G5S+ as compatible with Republic Wireless, and is showing on sale

Save up to $140 on a moto g⁵s plus : $90 off 32 GB, $140 off 64 GB. Promo good through January 26, 2019 11:59 p.m. CST or while supplies last.**

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Thank you Jben
that is what I thought
but I was not trusting what I read after all this G6 haha
I will go ahead and do that then and start the return after I transfer # to old G1 until it gets here
I should have never set down my G5s+ while crying about my best friend dying and loading the dog in mom’s car - it has all just been too much!
I really appreciate all your help more than you know!
Thank you!

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