Moto G6 play - No cell service! Almost only works on wi-fi!

What phone do you have? Moto G6 Play

What plan are you on? My Choice 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes 1 GB data

Issue Description

I just bought a Moto G6 play and the cell service is horrific. It says LTE on the top when the cell service exists but literally in the middle of downtown the minute I walk into a store it just goes completely dead. I have been reading other forums here and one suggested I get a CDMA sim card since my sim card is a GSM sim card as of now. So I have opened a help ticket for that. I am a novice with phones and I didn’t realize that if you could have a GSM and CDMA compatible phone, but still have a GSM sim card only. Does anyone have any advice.

Hi Nadia, Can you share your ZIP code so that we can look at coverage in your area in order to make a recommendation?

53705 I live in Eagle Heights Neighborhood in Madison, WI But this happens even in downtown Madison

I’m not a fan of T-Mobile’s coverage in Madison, which is the towers that you are using with the GSM SIM. I believe that getting a CDMA SIM (Sprint) will improve your coverage in the area.

How do I go about getting a CDMA SIM?

In your original post you indicated you opened a ticket for that. If that’s the case, the support team that handles the tickets will help you get the CDMA SIM you need.

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Thank you! So what I understand now is that the phone has to be CDMA and GSM compatible but it’s the sim card that determines which towers you end up using. Is that right?

That’s correct.

Thank you! This most helpful!


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