Moto G6 Play review

I have been using republic wireless for 4 years.
I currently have a Samsung galaxy j7.
My plan is my choice.
I had a moto g4, which I loved. But after 18 months it would no longer charge, so it was time to switch. We opted for the moto g6 play. Unfortunately it was a poor decision. It took days to start up, using 3 different connections. Republic worked with us and we tried a new g6 play and returned the first one. The 2nd one started up better, but had the same issues as the first one. Facebook would only open up the first page, couldn’t comment or load anything. Several other pages wouldn’t open either. So we now have a Samsung galaxy j7. So far (day3), I love it. It was a very frustrating 4-6 weeks. Republic was super helpful. I will saying calling the help line wasn’t terribly beneficial. But once I posted on their fb page, things moved right along.

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