Moto G6 Plus Support


I have a Moto G3 which I bought less than a week before the Moto G4 was released, bad timing. I read rumors that Motorola will be releasing the G6 Plus. It comes with the latest dual camera technology. Will Republic be supporting this phone?


Republic announces things, well, when it announces things. History shows that it is likely they will, but when they make an announcement, you can trust it’ll be quite public.

If you’re not already getting Republic’s announcements, you can register on the bottom of the home page ( to get them.


Given Republic’s long history with Motorola, I’d say the chances are good. That said, it’s not realistic for Republic (or anyone else) to announce support for something rumored to happen. Time will tell.


just to add there is no way Republic will announce this until Motorola officially announces the phone (so far the Moto G6 phones are just rumors base on leaks)


Looks like the U.S. version may not have NFC.
Why do they continue to gimp the low-middle tier phones?


In Motorola’s mind NFC is a higher end feature reserved for it flagship level Phones (Moto X, and Z lines) (not that I agree with is)
the Moto G is a mid-line an one of the effects of keeping cost down is not adding extra hardware more hardware


I agree. While I have NFC, as well as my son, and many others I know, no one uses NFC in our circle.

That’s not to say it is not useful for those whom rely on it, …it’s like Bluetooth for me,… I don’t use it, but I’m glad it’s there if I need or want to use it.

I would buy the cheaper phone unless that was a feature I really needed. Just say’in.


The G5S plus has nfc.


Not according to Motorola


Tech radar has review says it does. I ordered one today. Will let you know.


It does not have nfc (I own one).


The G6 Plus will not be released in North America, so it is unlikely that Republic will support it. The G6 and G6 Play are “coming soon” according to the Motorola website, so a Republic announcement should also be coming soon.

The Moto X4 is apparently close in specs to the G6 Plus. Android Central speculates that that is the reason Motorola is not releasing the G6 Plus in North America.


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