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I’m considering purchasing a Moto G6. I would like the 64GB option which is only available through Amazon. They have various color options, also cheaper, which is listed as an international version (XT1926-6/7) but the model number is different from what is listed as a supported phone (XT1925-6) on RW if you bring your own device. Also, Amazo says there’s no warranty on the intl version…I’m also wondering if I live in a big city if there’s a reason I would not want to automatically be on the GSM network, which I will be if I get a SIM card and my own phone.

Please advise! Can I still go this route, or should I just stick with the RW phone and add an SD card if I need more storage?

The international version is not compatible with Republic, as Republic only supports the US Regional Factory Unlocked version.

All BYOD are on Republic GSM partner

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Hi @itsalldhamma,

If you don’t mind providing the Zip code, our Community members are always willing to help you evaluate the coverage in a specific area.

Even though our BYOP SIM is with our GSM carrier, some phones are also CDMA-capable, and our support team can provide a CDMA SIM card if you experience coverage issues on one of those phones. The Detailed Supported Phone Features list indicates which phones are CDMA-capable and the steps to request a CDMA SIM are here:

Thanks. I’m in 90019 Los Angeles. So if I purchase a G6 (or other device) elsewhere, you can inform me which SIM card I should get and it will be either GSM or CDMA depending? Whereas that is automatically determined by RW if I purchase a phone from their store?

If that’s where you spend the most of your time, I would go with the GSM partner. While both have great coverage there, the GSM partner’s network is just faster an more reliable in my experience.

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