Moto G6 rings from some but not all phone numbers

My neighbor has a Moto G6 (on Republic Wireless).

He has cancer & was waiting for the hospital to call.
He tested his Moto phone from the landline phone in his house.
His phone did not ring, even though he could hear it ring from the LandLine side.
He came to me.
I called his Moto phone from my (Republic Wireless) phone and it did not ring.

I checked to see that “Airplane mode” was turned off ( Airplane mode was not enabled)
I had him reboot the phone & I called him again from my Moto6 — His phone did not ring.
I checked the “phone ring sound” setting on this phone , it was at 70%.
I verified the tone on his phone & some how when I called him , his Moto phone began ringing.

He went back to his house & tested again from his landline.
The phone did not ring.

He also missed the call from the hospital.

The phone is 10 months old. it has a prtotective case. It appears to be in excellent condition.

Why would the phone ring from my phone & not from a landline call.
This has always been working.

Not knowing the strength of his Cell, I would suggest this:

  • Access the Android :settingsicon: Settings / Network & Internet / turn off WiFi (slide toggle to left) … this will prevent it from getting hung up due to being idle and going into Doze, which could block a WiFi call from coming in.
    • Post back the test calls results
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Hi @tomg.chcmoi,

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Let’s make sure we’re focused on the right problem as we think this through.

When you say the phone did not “ring”, and you tested it yourself, presumably while standing there staring at his phone, do you mean that there was no audible ring, but the screen did light up and indicate that a call was coming?

Or do you mean that there was absolutely no indication on the phone of an inbound call?

I just spoke to my neighbor.
The landline in his house is managed by either Verizon or Comcast (617-298-xxxx)
When he calls his Moto 6 phone from his landline he can hear it ring from the landline but there is no indication on the phone of an incoming call.
He also missed 3 calls from Boston City hospital (the Boston medical center)

He is receiving calls and text messages from other mobile phones.

We have a mutual friend who is calling him from a mobile phone but not getting thru. I have to make a test from the phone of a mutual friend

Thank you

Tom Gilmore

Thank you

I found the potential solution but it does not make sense to me

My neighbor and I have the same model phone. I think we are on the same firmware. I pay for his phone on my plan

I have WiFi at my home
He dies not have WiFi.

If his phone is set to WiFi =ON
His phone will ring from some mobile phones but will not ring when I call from my Moto (republic wireless) or when he calls his Moto from his landline

I turned WiFi=OFF and his phone will ring when I call him from my Moto and it rings when he calls from his landline.

Hi @tomg.chcmoi,

After reading through this thread I don’t see where you have tried refreshing the Republic Wireless Activation. Easy procedure worth trying –

They are both Moto G6 phones on RW, right? If so, it won’t hurt to do the refresh on both phones at your place where you have good WiFi and then retest with everything set back to normal.

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As a ‘good neighbor’ you haven’t perchance given him access to your WiFi, or someone in the neighborhood is running an un-secured WiFi? It is starting to sound like a ‘poor’ WiFi connection that one would normally see from a nearby AP/Router


No, I know this neighborhood very well.

I am his neighbor. The neighbor on the far side of his house does not have Wi-Fi.

The business across the street has Wi-Fi, but he does not have those credentials.

Plus, he just came to me again.

Wi-Fi was disabled on his phone.

I called him from my Moto 6 (which is on the same Rep Wireless plan) & his phone did not ring.

I am going ot chat with Republic Wirlesss support now.

He has missed several calls from the hospital & he has a bad affliction with bone marrow cancer.

-Tom Gilmore


  • I don’t see where the carrier has been checked? Perhaps he and you are on different ones? It might be worth a check of his and your phones and see How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help
    GSM = T-Mobile CDMA = Sprint
    • This info combined with your zip code would allow a check to ensure that he is on the best carrier

We are on the same republic wireless plan. I pay the entire bill.

why would my neighbor be on a separate carrier ?

  • Normally one would expect them to be the same, however things that can effect this could include:
    • BYOP, always start out as GSM, but can be changed to CDMA if needed
    • Carrier remapping of the area could occur between phone activated at a different time
    • Reallocation of tower space/antenna utilization
    • Stuff happens … the many request and need for RW members to know which carrier their phone was on, was the driving force used by the community to encourage Republic to include the information in the app.
  • Knowing this information, may not fix the problem, but at least it would be an additional data point, and one more thing that isn’t the cause of the problem … and it only takes a few seconds to find the information
    • RW App / :settingsicon: Settings menu / About

@tomg.chcmoi Are you still dealing with this issue?

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