Moto G6 Security Update – up to 1 April 2020

For those curious minds out there. We received the 1 April 2020 Security Update via the Motorola Update Services on both of our Moto G6 phones on May 28, 2020. Wanted to share this so others who get the notice know it’s valid.

Both phones are running Android 9 (PIE) with this update to PPS29.118-15-11-16. Took about 15 minutes to install. No problems noted after install but have not had much of a chance to do any extensive testing.

EDIT - corrected typo in version number in original post.

Correct version is PPS29.118-15-11-16

Sorry for any confusion from typo in original post.


I also downloaded this update today, with unpleasant result. At the end of the update, my phone said my SD card is now corrupt (it was working fine prior), and also the phone is saying I am not activated on Republic because I need to do the latest Android update (but when I click on “Update Android Now” it says my device is up-to-date).

Is anyone else having this problem and/or know how to fix?

Hi @gradyp.l2iuu0,

Did you test the SD card in a computer or other device?

I’ll check with our engineers about the message you are seeing about needing to update. Can you confirm the build number you see is also PPS29.118-15-11-16 like @freddyp’s screenshot?

Thanks for reply. Yes, it is the same build number - I checked. And thanks for checking with engineers.

The SD card was set up as internal storage, so it doesn’t work on other devices. Regardless, why would it become corrupt immediately following the Android OS update?

I’m afraid I don’t have a specific answer to your “why” question, except that an operating system update is a significant process for any electronic device, and third-party additions to the device, whether software or hardware, may be built in a way that renders them unsupported after an update. You might want to report the SD card issue to Motorola through their Contact Us options at



Your screenshot shows a single “S” in the build number: PPS29… but you wrote a double S when you typed it out. Are you seeing a double S in the Settings > System > About Phone info?

Note that I am seeing a single S.

Also, note the screenshots below. The first three screenshots is the successive messages I get related to this problem. The fourth screenshot is the results of a diagnostics test on my phone. As you can see from the picture, it says the current Android system version is not compatible. But there are no more updates on my phone for me to run. Is it possible to back out of most recent update? Or what should I do to address?

I just corrected typo in version number in original post. Correct version is PPS29.118-15-11-16 as shown in screenshot. Was rushing to post just before heading out the door. Sorry for any confusion the typo may have caused.

FWIW - we have SD cards in our G6’s but they are used as portable storage NOT internal

Hi @gradyp.l2iuu0,

There’s not a way to back out of the Android update, and there’s not an action you can take on your phone to fix this. This requires engineering’s intervention. The team has been alerted and is investigating.

Anyone else who has accepted this update is advised not to remove the SIM card, nor refresh the Republic Activation for the time being.


Hi @gradyp.l2iuu0,

The engineering team has a fix in place. Please see if the Republic App now recognizes that your current build is supported. You may have to reboot the phone.


Yes!! Success. I am back in business. And also, my SD card is apparently no longer corrupt, so everything appears back to normal.

Thank you very much for your time and effort @southpaw!


Thanks for your patience, @gradyp.l2iuu0, and for letting us know everything is working again. I’m totally surprised, but thrilled, to learn that the SD card starting working, too!

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This is indeed great news. Depending upon your needs, you may want to reconsider using the MicroSD card as internal storage. The ability to do so seemed like an excellent idea when Google introduced the option in Android 6, however, in my opinion, the reality is it hasn’t worked nearly as well as intended. The worst case scenario is a permanent failure like the thankfully temporary one you experienced today. That said, reformatting for portable storage does involve a factory reset and that’s not a trivial process.


UPDATE - 5-29-2020 - Did have to reset camera permission by allowing the app to store photos on the SD card formatted as Internal. Camera app asked for permission when I took the first picture after doing the update. All is operating normally now. First time I’ve ever had a permission change after a security update.

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