Moto G6 Security Update – up to 1 February 2020

For those curious minds out there. We received the 1 February 2020 Security Update via the Motorola Update Services on both of our Moto G6 phones on March 13, 2020. Wanted to share this so others who get the notice know it’s valid.

Both phones are running Android 9 (PIE) with this update to PPSS29.118-15-11-9. Took about 10 minutes to install. No problems noted after install but have not had much of a chance to do any extensive testing.


Thanks @freddyp, a good reminder for all of us
Did a quick check of my Moto X4 Settings/System/System updates it states the following:
Security patch level: February 1, 2020 … so apparently I just auto updated at some point as I often do (abundance of caution, is what I live by these days)

I heard from Motorola service representative that the latest update is PPSS29.118-15-11-5.
I couldn’t find anything about PPSS29.118-15-11-6, PPSS29.118-15-11-7, PPSS29.118-15-11-8, and PPSS29.118-15-11-9 releases.
If you can confirm the origin of the PPSS29.118-15-11-9 update, please let me know.

Google Search: “android” “security update” “PPSS29.118-15-11-8”

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Google Search: “android” “security update” “PPSS29.118-15-11-8”

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Security Update PPSS29.118-15-11-5 fails to install , locks up … › Moto-G6-Moto-G6-Plus-Moto-G6-Play › PPSS29-118-15-11-5-fails-to-install-locks-up-phone/m-p/4629397)

Security Update PPSS29.118-15-11-5 fails to install , locks up phone. 2020-01-23, 17:05 PM. G6. Hardware: PVT 2. Mdl #: XT1925-6. *** Removed***. Running …


Moto G update status - Google Docs

If your device in a different region has higher security update , it is likely that your region will also be updated soon. 4 … on Android 9 Pie : Settings - System - About phone - click Android version … ali, retus, 9.0, 12-2019, PPSS29.118-15- 11-5 .

The fact that it came to the phone through update services is the confirmation.

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