Moto G6 Storage Settings Will Not Open

What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? MyChoice 3Gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

I noticed my phone was no longer recognizing my SD card (I purchased the phone in March and the card was previously working). When I try to go to the storage setttings it keeps showing me the load screen and will not open storage settings. I cleared the cache on the whole phone, I cleared the data and cache on the storage manager and it is still not working. What can I do?

A couple of things to consider,

  • Try another SD card in your phone … this would help eliminate the phone as the culprit
  • Try the SD card in another device … if you don’t have a SD reader for your PC, I would think the stores that sell SD cards or process SD cards to photos could be used to test

I removed the SD card from my device and the storage settings will still not load. My husband has the same phone with no SD card and his settings will not load either.

You may want to look at the Support page for the G6 (from Motorola) … there is also a tab to pull up the various ways they provide to contact them … Contact Us

Hi @briang.m56tn3,

Could you let us know what steps you’re taking to get to this storage settings screen?

When you removed the SD card from the phone, did you try reading the SD card in a computer to see if the card still works?

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So I ended up doing a factory reset on my phone and I am now able to see storage settings. The SD card is still not recognized, and I lost the adapter to put it in my computer. So I am working on getting a new SD card to see if that will work.

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