Moto G6 Voice to text not working

Yesterday my voice to text stopped working on my Moto G6. Talking to Google works. I have arthritis in my hands and 2 trigger fingers so I cannot type on the phone so I am dependent to voice commands on my phone. I did a re-start and a re-boot and no change.
I believe it is the native app

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en

If you do start a text, do you see the keyboard? If you do, is there a microphone icon in the upper right corner of the keyboard?

Yes of course I pressed the microphone. Pressing does nothing. It is the G-board. I am not new to RW I have been with them since Moto x came out. and have always used voice to text

If you are on the Home screen and press the microphone icon, does the phone respond?

If you make a phone call, does the other party hear you?

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en - I have had intermittent voice to text operation on my G6 the last few days also when trying to use it for texting.

On mine when I tap the microphone on the Gboard it opens and I get a “Listening…” indication beside the microphone. You can also see that the system “hears” something because the bar moves…just no voice to text.


Is this what you getting?


It does not say listening is says "

speak now"

It does not say listening is says “speak now”

@bonnieh.71i8en - We have the same problem on both of our G6’s. We have checked all the settings and permissions we can find and they are all set correctly.

Watched both of our phones a little closer and it alternates between Speak now and listening…but no voice to text. We are looking for something external that is common to both phones.

Thanks, glad it is just not mine. It started last nigh.

Do both phones have working internet connections when this is happening?

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en, @freddyp

I have the Moto G7 and it has been doing the same thing on and off for weeks now. When I press the mic button I get the “listening” and Speak now" but nothing happens when I talk… until I press the mic a second time. Then it works normally. I’m curious if pressing it again will work for you…:thinking:

I have no idea why it does this. I was kinda hoping a Gboard update or something might fix it.

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Yes I am on wifi

@louisdi - We are at our cousins place and they have very slow WiFi with extreme latency. We attributed the intermittent voice to text operation to that, especially since we could turn off WiFi and everything worked on cell (we have great cell coverage at the Cousins place).

Wasn’t sure if WiFi has anything to do with it. Hope it’s not adaptive battery. Google taps into Artificial Intelligence to learn when to shut down apps and save your battery. Figured bonnieh.71i8en probably uses voice to text with Gboard often enough that this may not be related to their problem. One of our troubleshooting steps will probably be turning off adaptive battery.

We are traveling soon but will continue troubleshooting when we get home. Maybe others will have the solution by the time we get home :slight_smile:

I use voice all the time both for texting and searching and even telling google to call contacts. I have 2 trigger fingers and arthritis is both hands so typing on that little key board is not an option for me. What is weird is if I tell google to send and text it does.

@SuperT - everything is intermittent enough it’s hard to confirm that pressing the microphone twice really does anything. Sometimes it works on first press, sometimes not. It actually seems like the more we test the more reliable it has become.

Seems to be common to at least two different models of the Moto line…maybe others. Did confirm that Gboard was updated a couple of weeks ago on our G6’s.

Yep, that sounds just like my G7.

Something else I just noticed is my camera is not turning off. I noticed the other day when I did a video. I rebooted and forgot about it but it is still on right now., even with a restart!

Google Voice typing is terrible at handling poor network conditions. While it should detect a poor network and use offline voice recognition it doesn’t. Only when wifi and data are actually turned off, does it start using offline recognition.

Pressing the mic 2 or 3 times does nothing. I think this is a major problem for others

I am 2’ from my router so I doubt that is a problem and I never had a problem while in the car where there was wifi

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