Moto g6 vs moto g5S plus - please help me decide


I have a moto g 1st generation that is rapidly dying. I have been waiting for the g6 to come out as I figure I might as well upgrade to the latest version as I obviously tend to keep my phones awhile, lol!!
Republic is currently selling the 32GB version of the g6, and while that is obviously a vast upgrade from my current 16GB, I was hoping for more as apps tend to require more these days.
I noticed that the moto g5S plus is currently at a good price on the motorola website for the 64GB version. Should I get that instead of the g6?
I have read reviews from tech websites for both, but I just want some honest to goodness feedback from folks who may have personal experience with the g5s plus.
Thank you!!

Ok probably a dumb question.... need an opinion on a comparison

Hi @tanyar.shuz3w,

One of our members has written a review of the G5S+ in our #reviews section:

Either phone is going to be remarkably different from the Moto G 1st Gen.


Thanks! That was a helpful link. Yes, I know that any upgrade will be different. I was just curious, since both phones are the same price right now at Motorola, if the newer g6 was worth getting over the g5s plus. In theory it’s a better phone because it’s the newest version, but it also has fewer GB. I just was wondering what people thought would be a wiser purchase.

Thanks again!





The big question is how much do you care about Android updates? The G6 will probably get Android 9.0 where as the G5s+ probably wont.


Hi @tanyar.shuz3w,

The G6 is so new, there’s not yet much personal experience to draw from. How do you use your phone? What seems to consume the most memory? Is it apps, or is it personal content such as music and photos? Both phones accept an SD card with up to 128GB capacity. which somewhat mitigates the difference between the 32 and 64 GB capacity on the phone itself.

Are there any other factors that matter to you and might help you make a decision? Did you know the back of the G6 is actually glass? The G5S+ is metal. (My left-handed tendency toward clumsiness makes that a deciding factor for me.)

As I compare the specs side by side, I’m personally drawn to the 64 GB G5S+ because it has a faster processor, more processing memory, and better camera. I also notice that the Moto G6 requires the newer USB-C charging cable, where I have a house full of Micro USB cables. Even with all that in mind, you are right that the G6 is newer so it may have a little more life in it in the long run, as far as support and updates from Motorola.


Phones are getting to big for some. Many folks I know feel 5in is the max size they could even stand. Especially for those who need a good protective case, like Otterbox, that makes the phone even bulkier.


Yes, it is hard to help someone else figure out their phone needs - you are all being so kind to help me! I truly appreciate it.

Like you, southpaw, I have tended towards clumsiness (my poor phone has hit the ground too many times to count - but has never broken or cracked!!! yay 1st generation hardware!). Glass just might not be my friend.

Burusutazu: it never dawned on me about the android updates. Thanks for the reminder.

Based on what you are all saying, I should probably go with the g5s plus for its durability and camera.


Thank you drm186 for looking this up for me. Truly shows how out-dated my phone is!


I find it always best to start with what one has and then compare the models one looking at
if it were me the glass back of the G6 would push me to the G5S+ (which is the 3.0 phone backup buy right now if something would happen to my Moto Z2 Play) from the Spec point of view the Moto G5S+ and Moto G6 are about very close to each other


The 100 dollar off, free shipping at Motorola and the specs of the G5Splus make it hard to resist… New one for wife shipped yesterday…


Yes, I decided to go with the deal. I’m excited for an upgrade, but I’m a bit bummed I will lose my refund plan (I only spent about $13 a month!!), but I think that having a better phone will be worth it.

Thank you again to everyone who gave me their opinions!
Have a fantastic end of the week/weekend!


Just to clear my head - did you get the G6 or the G5s Plus? I’m in a similar situation. I’m not looking forward to an additional $60/year for phone service over my Gen 1, $11.65/month after taxes, plan.


One can only decide for themselves if the final price difference is of value to them.
You are certainly free to keep the legacy phone you have, and even buy a used one somewhere and re-activate it to stay on the Refund plan.

The My Choice Plan and devices has many advantages:

Use of current generation, modern hardware, unlocked phones that can be taken to other carriers.
Bring your own Supported Phones support.
Much lower price for data ($5 per GB vs $15 per GB)
GSM network partner (which in many places, is superior to the CDMA partner)


Your reply did not answer my only question - which phone did she buy?

She expressed regret that her bill was increasing from about $13 after getting a new phone. That is a frustration shared by many people who have been with RW for 2+ years - the My Choice Plan is a 50% price increase over our service needs: cell and wifi calls and sms. In 2 1/2+ years I have used 0 bytes of cell data. The My Choice Plan and devices offer people like myself zero advantages.

If RW offered a palm-sized flip phone that only did cell/wifi phone calls and sms at the $10/month rate, I’d be one of the first in line. It’s all I need.


I’m sorry? How could I know that if the person you are referring to hasn’t posted an update?
This is a public Community Forum. Full of customers, and R.W selected Ambassadors, Experts, and sometimes, employees.
I am not the OP or the “she” you are asking what phone they purchased.


from her debugging post looks like @tanyar.shuz3w picked up a Moto G5S Plus New moto g5s plus doesn't have cellular network


Like I mentioned, if one does not find the advantages to upgrade as a value to them, they do not need to change and can keep using what they have, until it won’t work anymore.

My mother(55yrs old) has been with R.W since 2014 with the Moto G1 and on the ~$13 Refund plan (base plus the 500MB) She uses very little data. But the G1 phone is worn out now, and cost to much to replace battery, even so, it struggles to do basic things as it is underpowered. And the camera is terrible. She just upgraded to the E4 and loves it. 100x better she says. Yes, she is not happy about a $10 price increase, but it is worth the extra cost to her for the better phone and more freedom to use apps while away from wifi.

Wow! That is quite the accomplishment in todays world. Very few people can pull that off. Not even my 75yr old Grandparents who have smartphones. (they like their YouTube videos and political vlogs etc).

I very much agree with you on this. I know there is a market for such “basic” flip phones for those who just want a plum basic communication device, that makes calls and texts. Nothing fancy or complicated. I get asked that all the time in my line of work in retail and tech support.

You can still find and use basic phones on some of the “big 4” carriers, but they cost an outrageous amount. (last I had looked VZW charges $30 a month + taxes and fees for a “basic flip phone”.

Even those Government programs that offer qualified people a free phone and limited service have moved over to smartphones now.


No doubt, there’d be at least a few others in line with you. That said, Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service is managed by the Republic app. The Republic app requires Android and, therefore, a subset of Android smartphones. There have been a few attempts to build an Android flip phone but none have yet been commercially successful.

As for the price point, I appreciate no one myself included likes a price increase. On the other hand, the option of acquiring newer phones simply wouldn’t be available to us if it weren’t for the new 3.0 platform and that platform comes with a different price tag attached. I’d also point out the $10 price point was instituted in 2013 with the launch on Republic of the Moto X1. How many things do any of us pay for today cost us the same as they did as long as 5 years ago?

For what it’s worth, My Choice is an effective price increase for me as I use relatively little cell data. Even so, I’ve found the benefits of the new platform sufficient that I still believe Republic is a good value for my use case.


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

I think that was @brucem.w5ejty’s point. He asked a specific question in reply to a specific member and was hoping to get that very update from her.