Moto g6 won't unlock the screen


Moto G6 XT1925

Talk and Text no Data

I have had my phone for a couple weeks. Bought it from Costco. Have been using the fingerprint screen unlock. I had pandora playing and received a text. Tried to open the phone and it won’t open. I have tried in safe mode with no success. I get an error "fingerprint not recognized if I try to use any finger other than the one I have set up in the phone. I do not get the error with the correct finger, but the phone doesn’t open. I have shut down and restarted several times. I have tried in safe mode as well.


The fingerprint can always be bypassed with the PIN/Pattern/Password that was set as the backup. Have you tried using it?


I have tried to use the pin. In fact after a reboot, it requires a password. When I turn it on with the power button it requires the pin. None of those combinations work.


You enter the PIN and then you hit the “enter” key that’s below the 9?


Thank you for your help with this. It was described as an enter key, but on my keyboard it is a check mark. We tried the power button and the up and down buttons and the fingerprint sensor. It never occurred to me that the check mark was considered an enter key. live and learn. Thanks again.


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