Moto G7 connection and timing issues

What phone do you have?
Moto G7
What plan are you on?
My Choice 2 GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Data talk and text.

Issue Description

I am hoping a setting is just wrong on the phone. It is for my husband’s phone. I was not even able to log into Republic help from his phone.
Main issue is he has Yahoo Fantasy Football App. The app opens and then requests an email to sign into account. We already have an account and can access it from elsewhere. But on his phone you enter the email address and then hit next. The page for password never loads it just times out. Same thing if I go to and try to access email from Google Chrome. It times.out before asking for password.
Appreciate any help.

Is cellular data working otherwise for other browsing in Chrome or other apps that use cellular data?

In Chrome, you can try clearing your browsing data under
:menu: -> Privacy -> Clear Browsing Data
Change the Time Range to “All time” and then tap Clear data.

I have tried this before but tried again same problems. It is on my home wifi. Times out logging into Republic help and Yahoo.

Is the issue limited to your home WiFi…or does it happen on other WiFi connections and/or cellular ?
Sounds like you have issues with anything that requires a login…how about trying to access gmail from Chrome…see if that works.

I can access, login to Google from Chrome. The phone would not log into yahoo at another location. Might have been on cellular or he was connected to taco Bell WiFi

How about logging in to this RW forums or the Help pages from Chrome?
Does that work?

Just to recap the issue.
You are unable to login to RW Help from the RW app
You are unable to login to Yahoo either from the Fantasy Football App or from Chrome browser.
All other internet access appears to work normally on the home WiFi.

Is this a persistent experience or is it intermittent?

So my husband was able to log on via the wifi at work. It appears our home wifi is very poor. Are there any ways too boost connection? Or just find a better provider

Have you tried calling your internet provider and having them troubleshoot your connection?

No I haven’t. I will follow up with them


There are too many moving parts to this issue.

Can you recap in your own words what is the exact issue that you are experiencing right now…so that we may provide appropriate suggestions?

Is the issue no longer a Yahoo or RW Help page access issue?

Your home WiFi strength should have no bearing on why you would be able to access certain websites while unable to access others while on the same WiFi connection.


Have you had any luck solving this problem?


We were able to get log on to Yahoo via a work wifi. And so now the app works fine at home. Still unclear as to why my home wifi would time out before logging into Yahoo account.


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