Moto G7 fingerprint unlock stopped working in the mornings. Forced to enter code

I use my phone to generate rain noise next to my bed when sleeping. So need to unlock and kill rain noise first thing in the morning. I have always been able to unlock with fingerprint but for the last few weeks, it will not unlock in the mornings with the fingerprint. Gives me the message “phone was locked manually” but I didn’t lock it manually. So I have to enter the pin which is a bit of a pain in the dark with no glasses and half asleep :frowning:
I have tried every setting related to lock or unlock I can think of but no change.
Anyone else having this issue? Anyone know how to fix it?

Are you using any apps that turn the screen on/off? Something like the doze prevention script some Republic customers are using? Alternatively, do you have a corporate email on your phone?

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Thanks, good thoughts, but no I don’t have anything like that and no corporate email.
I haven’t added any new apps in a very long time.
There was a security update in june but I think it was working after that.

Hi @johnm.id9kk8,

Is it possible that you been using “Smart Lock”? :thinking:
(I think it’s located in the phones settings, security area.)
It would allow your phone to remain unlocked (using “Trusted places”) while you are at home. Maybe recheck that setting and see if it somehow got turned off after that June security patch. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with my Moto Z4. I have a suspicion that something in the last update from Motorola is the cause.

Most phones, including the Google Pixel line, automatically disable biometric authentication after a certain amount of time, forcing the PIN. Although not documented in any update notes I can find, I suspect you’re correct and this security “feature” was added in a recent Moto update.

The last Android 9 update on my X4 was in July 2020. I’ve noted no change in FP lock/unlock and use it all the time as I lock the phone after each.

The system does lock the feature after 3 or 4 days requiring you to enter pin. I remember seeing an advisory when first setting the lock up in early 2019 and seems it was 72 hours.

OP may want to try the phone in Safe mode since it doesn’t disable RW app on the G7. Tech article needs update to provide info on Z4.


See, here’s the thing. Neither of the phones in question are the X4. Different builds for different phones. I don’t think we can assume that because the X4 doesn’t have something that the Z4 or G7 don’t. Especially since the X4 was released in 2017, while the G7 and Z4 came in 2019. It would be no surprise at all that new things were being changed on the G7 and Z4 while the X4 was getting security updates (or nothing at all).

For the sake of accuracy, I’m using a Moto Z4, (Model XT1980-3); Android 10; Security patch level “July 1, 2020”; Kernel ver., “4.14.117-perf+”; Build number “QPFS30.130-15-11-5”

Here’s the thing…I was aware of the two different phone types and never implied just because a third type X4 didn’t encounter the issue… Can’t we make a simple statement w/o you being critical of others trying to help?

You seemed to ignored the fact that RW leaves the Z4 off the Safe mode RW app disabled list.

@pantaz, If happening more often than every 3 days you may want to try using the phone in Safe mode. Good luck.

I didn’t think the OP cared about documentation issues so chose not to respond to you on that. Does this response somehow improve the OP’s experience?

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