Moto G7: IMIE # & WIFI use in Canada



I’m moving to Canada & wish to buy the Moto G7 for use in both the U.S. and Canada.

  1. I need an IMIE # for the Moto G7 to test for compatibility with the Public Mobile Canada network, wherein I would purchase their SIM card for the phone:
  2. Is the Moto G7 fully functional for data usage (Internet, Facebook, apps, etc.) over WIFI, in any country, even without a local SIM or phone contract?

Thank you for your advice and assistance!
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Hi @lisab.8ma7ob,

  1. The IMEI is unique to each phone, much like a social security number is unique to each person. While I’m not suggesting this is your intent, some people can do nefarious things when they have a phone’s IMEI, so we wouldn’t want people posting one in Community.

  2. Yes, as long as the Wi-Fi network or local laws do not restrict use. Some apps are available only when you are in certain geographic areas, so you might have trouble updating any apps that are restricted to the US when you are not in the US.

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Thank you for your reply, sorry for the error in my question.

An expert community member solved my dilemma by testing her own IMIE on the Public Mobile Checker for the Canadian network. She found her G6Play to be compatible; consequently, the G7 should be as well, since they connect to the same bands.

Phone companies should make an effort to list compatible models, or have instead a model # checker (rather than an IMIE checker), so that one would be able to determine if a particular phone model is compatible prior to purchasing.

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