Moto G7 Is this an unlocked phone when supplied by Republic?

Moto G7 Is this an unlocked phone when supplied by Republic?

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All current 3.0 phones [including the Moto G7] are North American Factory unlocked

Just be aware that RW only supports GSM on this phone for now.

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I’m not that tech savvy will this be a problem???

It means that currently Republic can only provide GSM coverage [T-Mobile] though they are working on CDMA [Sprint] coverage it’s not ready and there is no published ETA

From what I just found out. Sprint uses CDMA so I’m thinking this phone won’t work on their network. It that correct?

Thanks I’m trying to cancel the order. Doesn’t Republic use Sprint exclusively as their cell network?

Republic added a GSM [T-Mobile] partner back in 2016 all 3.0 phones can use the GSM partner, most phones can use the CDMA [Sprint] partner at the moment the Moto G7 is GSM only for Republic but Republic is working with the CDMA partner to bring the phone to that network but it’s not ready yet and no published ETA

So could I have them switch me from Sprint to T-Mobil?

Not sure what you are asking. GSM TMobile is the only current option rw has for this phone. When RW has cdma Sprint available you could switch to that if it has better coverage for you.

You could check the coverage maps, cross your fingers and use the 14 day money back guarantee if TMobile doesn’t work for you. Or just choose a different rw compatible phone.

These links might help –

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And to narrow it down to actual useage statistics you can use the root metrics app and also check the coverage maps for various carriers

I’m not trusting the Republic coverage map since today’s marketing page updates when I pull it up it gives me only the CDMA coverage, I would use the maps provided by the carrier partners

Sprint [CDMA] coverage map
T-Mobile [GSM] coverage map

I prefer the root metrics ones myself. The carrier ones are based more on theoretical coverage than actual coverage.

@drm186 – thanks for the update. We live in an area where we have coverage from both carriers. We have used both CDMA and GSM phones on Republic and, thankfully, they both had great coverage.

Hopefully we haven’t done too much damage thread jacking this and I hope the original poster had his question answered.

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To that end, @williamw.gxi7xd, if you’re comfortable sharing the zip code where you primarily use your phone, we can provide further insight regarding your coverage options.


Please let us know if your question has been answered. You were asking whether the phone we sell is unlocked, which leads me to think you were hoping to activate it on another service.

I’m not sure how we got from there to coverage and carrier maps, but I want to be sure you have the information you need.

Yes. I’m not thinking about another carrier I am going to Brazil and considering getting a sim to use there

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