Moto G7 keeps dropping cell connectivity

My phone has the latest updates. Has Android version 9. Problem is as I drive around the five counties I work in I lose cell service. Sometimes for half a day or more. I have a company flip phone that is on the verizon network that works. I work in eastern North Carolina the 5 counties are carteret, craven, pamlico, jones,and onslow. Is it the phone or the cell service.

Hi @davidc.p9ql8a,

More likely than not it’s the attached coverage not the phone itself. As a starting point, please let us know which SIM type is in your G7:

You mention a Verizon flip phone, so I’ll mention neither of Republic’s cellular network partners is Verizon.

Is the G7 your first phone with Republic? If not, and a previous Republic phone provided a better experience, might we know that previous phone’s brand, model and generation?

My sim type is GSM

I think I had a moto g3 before.

Hi @davidc.p9ql8a,

Generally, in eastern NC, CDMA coverage would provide a better overall experience as opposed to GSM. A Moto G3 would have been provisioned with CDMA coverage.

Here’s how to request a switch from GSM to CDMA:

To see which carrier supports your area best, you may want to take a look at RootMetrics , you can search on a specific location and they provide a coverage map that allows selection by carrier (Sprint/CDMA) or T-Mobile(GSM) for Republic

  • Rootmetrics outfits their data teams with a kit of multiple phones, that are connected to multiple carriers, these are in communication as they travel the various routes then the data is processed and presented in a method that shows level of connectivity for any given path. This data is augmented by users that have their app on their phones and provide additional feedback. For instance you may not see a lot of high traffic to your doorstep, but if you were providing feedback you would see the level and the number of ‘data points’
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