Moto G7 need 2 sim cards?

Does the Moto G7 REQUIRE 2 sim cards or does it operate on 1?

Hi @janicem and welcome to the Member Community. The information from @jben is correct regarding BYOP.

It’s my understanding that only the single SIM Moto G7 Model XT1962-1 is compatible with RW. If you have a dual SIM it would probably be model XT1962-4.

Are you by chance mistaking the SD card slot in the tray as a dual SIM slot?

Here’s a “How to” for installing a SIM in the G7 – How to Install a SIM Card into a Moto G7 – Republic Help

The official Motorola page shows both the single and dual trays to help you determine what you have –■■■■■■■■■■■■1583945720-146530810■■■■■■■■■■■

Others can correct me if I’m wrong about the dual SIM model.


Hi jben When you say “If you purchase it other than through the RW Store, it must be activated as a GSM on T-Mobile” does that then mean if you purchase through Republic it can initially come with CDMA. Thanks

My understanding is that when purchased through the RW Store, a check of the ship-to Zip Code is done and the phone will come with the SIM that will provide the best coverage T-Mobile for GSM or Sprint for CDMA

Thanks jben

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OK we have figured out that the phones we bought are for international use and can not be used with Republic Wireless. But the place we bough them from is giving us a full refund


One solution is to use an SIP VOIP app like MizuDroid available from the Play Store. Using that, or a VOIP like it, coupled with a SIM card purchased locally in a foreign country so you can jump onto the 'net will allow you to make international calls. I’ve done that with my older Moto G4 in euro countries. I would think the same would apply for my new G7. Don’t even think of using the phone companies for making international calls unless you have bags of cash to leave over there.

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