Moto G7 no longer rings, all calls go straight to voice mail

What phone do you have? Moto G7

What plan are you on? 1 gig data + talk/text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 gig

Issue Description

For several days, my phone will not ring, all calls go to VM. I did try restarting the phone, called myself and got it to ring, but then the phone went back to not allowing calls to ring through. I think something is awry with "do not disturb" but I can't figure out how to turn that feature off. I am using an app for my ringer, I haven't tried deleting that but I would if that is the problem.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @tracyp.qknums

I would for sure try removing the ringer app first.

Here is some info on DND:

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Thanks I will remove the app/ringer. I’ve had it for months so it would be surprising if that’s the problem. Seems like my DND is on as a default, I keep trying to turn it off, then it’s back on again.

Sounds good. I would try a refresh if that don’t work:

See if this helps – Phone Continually Reverts Back to “Do Not Disturb”

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Hi @tracyp.qknums,

Please disable Spam Call Blocking in the Republic app, then reboot the phone. Our developers found a bug in that feature and have released a fix in app version Once your phone updates to, you can safely turn Spam Call Blocking back on.

Hi Southpaw! Thanks for writing - I did disable span call blocking and restarted my phone. Still not able to get a call to come thru, when will the update be available?

Did you disable Spam Call Blocking in the Republic app?

If you did that and rebooted, and are still having calls go straight to voicemail, then the issue you are experiencing is not related to issue the developers are fixing in

I guess I was in the app, I changed the setting on my phone. That is the same or different than the app?

Some phones have spam call blocking settings in the phone app. I just want to be sure you made this change in the Republic app.
Open the Republic app
tap the gear :gear: icon near the top right
tap call and voicemail settings
tap configure spam call blocking
and make sure it’s set to allow all calls.

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thanks, yes the phone is set to receive all calls now. Still won’t ring though, calls go to VM. Something is amiss with DND, I keep finding it turned back on when I try to turn it off and restart. I dont recall ever turning do not disturb on, so this is very disconcerting. thanks for your help!

Okay, sorry to veer off on a wrong course!

Any chance Moto Actions is turning DND on?

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Hi @tracyp.qknums been following the troubleshooting on this issue. Have you tried –

Two easy checks suggested earlier but didn’t see if you had tried them. Sorry if you have tried them and I just missed the results. Just trying to help troubleshoot step-by-step :grinning: Please let us know if this helps!


I looked to make sure flipping for DND is turned off, which it is. I’ll keep trying though, thank you! I have set the phone to allow unidentified callers to ring through, still no calls are ringing. Even my own home number, which is in my contacts, will not ring.

Thanks for these suggestions. I dug into Sound and in Do Not Disturb I see these words at the top of the screen: “mute device but allow exceptions.” There’s no choice for turning off mute device or for figuring out the exceptions. ugh!!

Hi again, while on the phone with a company, I asked them to call my cell phone and I was able to pick up the call before it went to VM. then I tried to call my home again and my cell sent the call directly to VM because my home number is blocked. Does that give us any insight into the problem? I think your idea about my cell blocking unknown callers is still in play - I have turned off that feature to allow anyone to call me but still my incoming calls are blocked. Hope I’m not rehashing the same issue, I just want my phone to work. Thanks to all who are reading/responding!

When you’re aware that calls are going straight to voicemail, is it possible the phone has been idle for at least an hour at the time of the call?

Did you ever remove this app? If so, did you assign a new ringtone? Could you try selecting one of the default ringtones and make sure you hear when you select it? (It should sample the ringtone for you when you select it, no inbound call necessary.)

Hi, I disabled the ringer app I was using (had been for months), selected a RW choice and yes it sampled perfectly when selected. I don’t use my phone that much lately, it won’t ring after sitting idle for hour(s) or if I try to call myself repeatedly, it just goes to voice mail.
There are 2 messages I’ve seen in the many screens I am viewing to try to figure this out. One said “mute device but all exceptions.” Another notification style message said 'Call setting error - network or sim card error." I have no idea what either means. If it gets to the point that my phone will no longer work as a phone, would a hard reset to original specifications work to resolve this? I’d need some guidance for saving some files on my phone but I hope at least I have that option. Thanks

One final notification I get is “silent notifications.” I have no clue what that means, as I have notification tones set for texts, voice mail, email, etc.

The only problem with taking this very drastic approach without understanding how you got here, is that you’re very likely to get yourself back into this state in the future.

From what you’re typing, it’s hard to understand whether what you’re seeing is a notification describing the current state of your phone, or a setting you saw as you tried various things.

Silent notifications is a heading that preceeds any notifications that are present only when you open the notification drawer, but that don’t show you an icon at the top of the screen.

When you touch the top of the screen and drag your finger down the screen to open the notiifcations drawer, what notifications are currently present?

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