Moto G7 Out of Stock

The phone model that appears to be exclusive to Republic (can’t find model numbers on G7s from other retailers) is out of stock. Does anyone know when it will be back in stock? Is RW waiting to get the newest G7 model?

Hi @markh.4gqbic,

The Moto G7 sold at Republic’s online store is not exclusive to Republic and is the same U.S. factory unlocked variant sold elsewhere. Third party retailers sometimes use manufacturer’s part numbers (MPN) or their own internal SKUs, which can indeed make it more of a challenge when sourcing Republic compatible phones elsewhere. For others reading, I highly suggest this resource for sourcing compatible phones elsewhere: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.

Since you ask specifically about the G7, Best Buy still has the Republic compatible Moto G7 linked here: You may even be able to get it locally at Best Buy. Please note, you will pay the $229 “Activate Later” price. “Activate Now” requires activating with a carrier served by Best Buy and Republic is not one of those.

Are you upgrading a current Republic phone? If, so, you may or may not need a new SIM. For more on that, as a starting point, may we know the brand, model and generation of your current Republic phone?

Finally, to directly answer the question on the possibility of Republic restocking. Republic expects to restock next week, however, things can and do change. Motorola has discontinued the Moto G7 series, however, the next generation of the Moto G7 isn’t expected to make its debut in the U.S. until “later this spring”.

Ahh. Thank you so much for your quick reply. I have a Moto G 3rd Gen on the Republic 1.0 refund plan. Yep, ancient, so I know I have to have a new plan, and I am assuming a new SIM card.

Thank you for that info about being able to use any retailer for the G7. I certainly can stand to wait until RW restocks if I need to, but I read in another thread here that RW does not plan to restock. My phone isn’t dead, it’s just running on a very old OS and it’s getting slow in its response time.

The latest info we have is that there will likely be a restock of the G7 soon but only a small quantity and it will be the last availability from Republic. This is because Moto is discontinuing the G7 (not a Republic decision).

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Thanks. Sounds like I need to get to Best Buy this afternoon to get my phone. Then order a SIM card from RW.

Hi @markh.4gqbic,

Before ordering that SIM, would you be comfortable sharing a zip code? As you may know, Republic offers more than one coverage option for its newer compatible phones. We would like to be certain, you are set up with the SIM providing the best coverage option for your area.

Thanks. Louis D answered elsewhere. I just ordered a $1 card from Amazon Prime. 22309 if you think I need something different. Here’s the card he recommended:–+No+Contract+Cell+Phone+Service+–+Plans+Start+at+%2415+Per+Month+–+Add+4G+LTE+Data+for+%245+per+GB&qid■■■■■■■■■■■■sr=8-1

Hi @markh.4gqbic,

No need to do anything different. in this case, the referenced SIM will provide robust coverage in your area.


Thank you!

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