will this particular model work with RW?

Yes. The moto G7 Play from Best buy (the factory unlocked model) will work on RW.
I bought one from them in store and used it on RW fine.

Note u have to buy the “Activate Later” one, for full price of $199 as of date of this post.
The discounted price is only if you activate it on one of the major carriers as a new or upgrade a line plans at time of purchase.


Hi @sarahm.lpmzrc and welcome to the Member Community. The Q&A section on the Best Buy listing also states the phone is the North American model (XT1952-4) of Moto G7 Play. That is the model that is compatible with RW confirming what @SpeedingCheetah stated.

Just want to let you know there are several guides and lots of help available in the Community if you are not familiar with the BYOP process. Here’s an example of a basic starting document that describes How to Bring Your Own Phone to Republic Wireless (BYOP) – Republic Help

Come back if you need help with the BYOP process! The Community is here to help :grinning:

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