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I smashed my beloved Moto E and replaced it with a g7 play which I can’t stand. One of my issues is calendar notifications. Is there any way to make calendar notifications stay on the banner until manually marked as complete? The phone forces me to view the event when I unlock the screen & it removes the banner notification. I have been missing tons of to-do items because of this.

On your unlocked screen the notifications should reappear if you swipe down from the top of the screen.

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Hi @aubreyr,

It sounds like you are unlocking the screen by swiping, is this correct?

If so, swipe up from someplace on the screen other than the notification icon. Swiping the icon itself up tells the phone you want to open the app associated with that icon. Swiping some other space on the phone will unlock the phone to your home screen.

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I just tried this and it worked. I always just swipe somewhere in the middle of the screen and never thought that where I swiped would make a difference. But when I swiped the upper-right corner, it just unlocked the the phone without bringing up the calendar item. Thanks for answering!

Also, I added a couple of “Tasks” and they do not create a notification icon on the unlock screen the same as “Events” do so that is another option.

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