Moto G7 Play in Republic Store?


I’ve seen that the Moto G7 Play is now supported as a BYOP here: Detailed Supported Phone Features
I’d like to upgrade my phone to it, but I’d prefer to buy it through Republic so I don’t have to worry about getting the right model and SIM card to match it. Are there plans to offer the Play directly through the Republic store soon? Or is getting the right model and SIM card easier than I fear?




Hi @michaelh.7y7rrz,

Republic doesn’t usually make announcements very far ahead of when they begin selling a new phone. However, getting the right model is usually easy for a Moto phone. From the BYOP list, it needs to be XT1952-4, will need to be the North American unlocked, and on software channel RETUS, AMZ, or FI.

This one will work, though the listing shows to part number rather than model:

What model will you be moving from?

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I’ll be moving from a Moto G (the first one!) which I know means I don’t have a SIM card I can pop out to transfer over. Would you not recommend just buying it from Motorola directly?



You can certainly buy it directly from Motorola. It’ll be the exact same phone you’d get from B&H so whichever works better for you is fine.

Be aware:

  1. You’ll need a new SIM which you can get here: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless or here:

  2. You’ll have different coverage, the applicable coverage map is here: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

  3. You’ll have to change plan. The plan all new phones use is here:



I just ordered that exact G7 Play along with a Republic SIM card (bought directly from Republic Wireless) and activated it no problem.

A little tip: The G7 Play from BHPhotoVideo comes with a prepaid 3 month SIM card for Mint Mobile. These sell on eBay for ~$45. I put my Mint Mobile SIM up on there for sale and had it sold a couple hours later. Definitely sweetens the deal on the phone.

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