Moto G7 Play locked or unlocked?

I have a Moto G7 Play (Model: XT1952-4
) that I used on Republic Wireless and when I attempt to look up the IMEI on various sites, they can’t seem to determine if it’s locked or unlocked. How might I be able to determine this?

Any 3.0 Phone that has been sold or supported on Republic Wireless is 'Unlocked" … so if it was ever on Republic Wireless it is Unlocked


Info to others that might be reading this: depending upon your needs for the unlocked phone (E.G. installing custom ROMs), you may need to manually unlock the bootloader.

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Hi @staceyk.iv8shc - thanks for sharing even though it looks like you need a Motorola login or be willing to use your Google account to access the information. Not sure that information would be relevant to Republic members anyway because custom ROMs are not supported.


Welcome, and thanks for adding the extra information to add to the community knowledge. For any with the older ‘Legacy’ phones X1-2, G1-3, E1-2 here is a help article on the subject Can Republic Wireless Unlock the Bootloader to Allow Installation of Custom ROM? – Republic Help

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I think that some clarification is needed here because there is more than one type of unlocked:

  1. Factory Unlocked – The phones Republic sells come from the factory unlocked for use on any carrier.

  2. Bootloader unlocked – Needed to load a custom ROM – This is a completely different thing. Republic makes no representation about the phones being bootloader unlocked and in fact I can confirm that many of them have locked bootloaders. In addition, it is not possible to use a phone that has a non-factory ROM on it with Republic.

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