Moto G7 Play no notification sound when messaging app is closed

Hi freddyp,
I was having the same problem as amyb with my G7 Play (1 gig plan) and your fix has partially worked. I now get the sound when I have the app open, but when I close the app the sound doesn’t work. Any ideas?

There have been reported problems with sounds that were fixed by changing from the default sound, and I believe some could return to default if wanted

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Just tried that, and tried a couple of different sounds. It won’t play my new sound and sometimes changes back to the default. Also, it is not always making a sound even with the message app open.

Hi @phylliss.a80e8k,

I’ve moved your posts to their own topic so they can receive the attention they deserve. Solved topics are less likely to receive attention from the Community’s top problem-solvers.

Have you ever installed an app that is mean to help you manage your ringtones?

Hi Southpaw,
Thank you for setting me up with my own topic. I recently downloaded “Zedge” to try to get a new ringtone. And I have tried to use one of their tones for my notifications, but it would not work either. Should I uninstall?

Hello @phylliss.a80e8k

Yes. Please uninstall Zedge.
It is known to cause issues with Republic Wireless:

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Uninstalled and restarted phone. Was still not working…tried changing the tone, turned vibrate on and off. Finally unchecked the “background tasks” box and it seems to be working. Fingers crossed!

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