Moto G7 Play. No sound on SMS notification

Tried restart turned everything up on settings sounds. Stock message app. Checked settings on messaging app. Turned off do not disturb. Change notification tone. Uninstall recent apps. It’s the only messaging app that works with this phone to my knowledge. Any help?

Hi @joearrow and welcome to the Member Community. Sounds like you have checked a number of settings. Assume this is a new problem.

Just to check you are using Google Messages as the default app, right?

There are a few other settings you might want to check. Here are the steps we used on our Moto G6’s. Think the G7 settings are the same.

  1. Open Messages App
  2. Tap three dots upper right
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Notifications and make sure Show notifications toggle is on
  5. Scroll down to Other section>Other notifications
  6. Next screen - tap Behavior>Behavior Windows pops up>Make sure “Make Sound and pop on screen” radio button is on
  7. Go back one screen (has Behavior and Advanced) - (Pop up window closes)
  8. Tap Advanced
  9. Tap Sound - make sure message sound is not set to None. This is also the default messages sound.

All easy checks! Come back if these suggestions do not help.

My settings menu doesn’t correspond to what’s you’re instructing me to do

Advanced goes me this

Hi @joearrow think you missed a step for advanced or my instructions might not be clear :crazy_face: Here are step-by-step screen captures from my Moto G6. See if they help.

Scroll down to Other

Same screen Advanced

See if these help! There might be easier ways to get to the settings but these seem to work reliably for us.


My settings doesn’t behave like that. When I click on notifications I get this

When I click on behavior, sound& more I get this! Advanced just has option you show dot. I can’t uninstall because it’s a default app. I tried to disable and update. That didn’t help My screen doesn’t behave like your screen. It’s the way RW set it up to work for me. Screenshot_20200607-182640|238x500

Your last screen capture

If you tap on the label Other notifications (not the check box) under Other in the last screen capture you sent, it should open the window with the Behavior selection. The Behavior setting sometimes is not set to make sound and pop on screen.

What do you get?

I assume you have updated Google Messages to the latest version in the Play Store?

Trying to figure out the differences. There might be enough differences between the G6 and G7 that my steps won’t work. Maybe someone with a G7 can jump in with the necessary steps if we can’t get there from here :crazy_face:

They may also have other ideas about the issue that I overlooked in the initial troubleshooting. That’s a great thing about the Community!

Thank you. I’m getting sound. I guess I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

@joearrow you hung in there and got it done. Some would have become discouraged and given up. Glad things are working now!

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FYI - The G7 does have a hardware issue with the connections not quite touching inside the phone and it causes the speaker to not play… thus no sound and sms etc… If you hold the phone corner to corner by your fingers and thumbs and act like you are going to twist it ever so slightly… boom, the connection pads inside touch and your sounds starts to work again. This was a flaw in many G7’s and motorola was not quick to address it. We took ours back because of this issue.

I just tried this fix, but the settings are correct. Still not sound for SMS. Pls help

I’ve tried the first fix and this one. My settings in behavior are good, I tried the twist thing… No go.
Where did you bring the phone back to? We purchased on Amazon. TIA

What phone do you have? MOTO G7 Play

What plan are you on? ATT

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

Issue Description

Hi @karenh.ftb57m,

Welcome to our Member Community. If I’m understanding you question correctly, you are using a Moto G7 Play on AT&T and maybe having some trouble hearing notifications and ringtones?

The Republic Wireless Community is primarily focused on questions about phones on Republic Wireless’ service, and questions are typically answered by other Republic Wireless members. If your question is specific to a phone on AT&T’s service, perhaps you might check for a similar forum on their website or check with their customer service.

Edited to add: I’ve moved your question into the other topic where you had also posted, as there’s really no need to post the same request in two places.

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