Moto G7 Play: Rave or Rant?

The bottom line: Mostly rave.

When my Moto G4 Play went into an adolescent rebellion phase when it quit ringing, dinging. Just to irritate us it would vibrate when told to do so, but no appropriate noises would issue from its bowels. I tried every type of colonoscopy I could think of.
“Phone still not working, Dean?”
“No. Done gone to Jesus.”
“Well, it still vibrates. Maybe its purgatory.”
“Oh, yeah, you’re Catholic.”

By the time of the third reset, days later, the adolescent was back to happy teenager. I had ordered a new Moto G7 Play from Republic only the day before. Doh! A happy set of circumstances because the G4 was running Android 7. The new G7 would be running 9. The sirens led me to the rocks.

I had read in three reviews that the G7 Play was a great phone at $225 ($199 + shipping at Republic’s Shop) and, in their expert opinions was as good as any other phone with an extra hundred attached to it. I really believe that.

The phone’s dimensions appear smaller than the G4, but when piggybacked onto each other the difference is on a few centimeters. With my slick Speck Black Presidio Lite cover the dimensions are exactly the same as the sans cover G4. “Hallelujah” because I don’t want a phone the size of a mini tablet. I no longer wear overalls with pockets big enough to store it and I don’t want to carry around a man purse just for the phone.

My wife thinks the interface feels more refined than 7.0 on the G4. It is just as easy to organize the screens. The apps respond crisply with the new processor. I did load the Swiftkey app to rid my life of the intrusive Google search bar. The only thing I don’t like is the half the size of the G4 speaker which sounds like a transistor radio from 1959, but everyone wears earbuds these days so the speaker is usually a serviceable thing instead of a feature.

Google Android: Goodroid. Google sensed the new phone and reset all my previous privacy restrictions, disables, etc. back to Goodroid’s default privacy maximum intrusion, so I had to dig ever deeper to do what I could to stop the madness. Helpfully or not Goodroid resurrected my Gmail account that I stopped two years ago, so I had to delete that account for the umpteenth time. Ugh! Don’t get me started on that rant…again. I’m trying to be a better person this year.

On the sunny side, Android is a stable platform and is dependably rock solid. I only wish there was a more private business model than Goodroid.

So, this review is short because other than the new phone smell I can sum by saying things seem fresher, crisper, and the phone is the right size and performs, by those who are paid to know, as good as much more pricey phones.

I rater five stars out of five. Get a case for the baby. It’s well worth protecting.

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I just got a Moto G7 Play from Best Buy to replace my mothers Moto E4 that is acting up.
Screen is decent, very bright.
Notch is annoying. But the others model are all much larger phones and won’t work for her small hands.

The camera…is quite disappointing.
Images are mushy and have very little detail.
I actually would say they are lower quality than the E4.
And i have checked the settings and it is set to 13MP.
Outside bright sun are ok, but inside is just trash.

The sound from the phone, for calls, is not as loud and clear as the E4 just a bit. Kinda weird for a newer phone. But it sounds fine and understandable.

Don’t really see how the G series is supposed to be better than the E series.
I would have liked to get her the G7 Power model, but it is way to big for her.

Update: It was no ring on 6.0.01. Ring returned after the 7.0 push.

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