Moto G7 Play usb C intermittent connection

USB C cable seems to only work one side, one position. Cleaned out port with canned forced air electronic cleaner, cleaned cable, tried multiple cables. Using OEM Motorola charger and turbo charger from Motorola. These cables work fine in other devices. Phone is less than a yeart old. Friend suggested I buy cable with extended tip. Intermittently charging sound goes off in the middle of charging so I know it’s going on and off. Any ideas? Port is clean. Cables tested good. Saw online that this is not uncommon and there are problems with type-chargers

Hi @joearrow,

It certainly sounds like you’ve done a more than credible job narrowing the issue to the phone’s charging port. Alas, that being the case, there really isn’t a self-help solution. You mention the phone being less than a year old, so this would be a potential warranty claim. Was the phone purchased from Republic or via a third party retailer?

Republic Wireless. I can’t find when I purchased it though on website. What would I find that? I believe anecdotal Feb 21, 2020 I placed the order don’t know when it shipped. I think activated 2/25/2020

Hi @joearrow,

I’ve opened a ticket on your behalf to confirm the date of receipt of the phone for you, and so our technicians can troubleshoot with you further to determine whether the issue is covered under the manufacturers’ warranty. Please let me know if you don’t see the ticket or receive the E-mail version of it.

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