Moto G7 Play Warranty?

Hi, Bought my daughter’s Moto G7 Play last Dec and now I have to spend over $100 to replace the charger port. Do you know if there’s any warranty for this phone?



Hi @briang.6uo6va

The Moto G7 Play comes with a a manufacturer’s warranty against defect. This is a 12-month warranty.

Did you purchase the phone from Republic Wireless or from another source?


Edited: It was pointed out to me by another Ambassador that the Warranty/Return process can be expedited/enhanced by working through Republic Wireless
Here is the link to that process, that I should have referenced

The 1 year Warranty will be handled by the manufacture … here are some links for users
For manufacturer warranty processing, please see: ~~


One thing to keep in mind is that that warranty covers only manufacturer’s defects. The charging port is easily damaged, and damage is not covered by the warranty.

Have you tested alternate chargers to make sure it’s not the charger that has failed? My daughter was certain her charging port was messed up because she had to hold the charger in it “just so” to get it to charge. It turned out to be the charger that was bad, not the port.

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