Moto g7 plus activation

Will a moto g7 plus be okay to byop to republic . My phone-stopped working i need another in a hurry

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I’m afraid, no. It’s not a supported model:

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Please tell me what phones you can bring to republic,i have paid for service a year in advance and at this time i have no working phone,and am unable to afford these expensive phones,as i havent been able to find work due to pandemic. I am hoping to get a job soon ,but at this time i live on ss and i live on 600 dollars a month. I have not had cable tv in years and do not live large. I can probably find maybe 100 dollars for aphone but would be totally happy with even a flip phone. I dont need all these bells and whistles.

These are not new, but late last fall Republic Wireless partnered with Swappa to provide a outlet for buying/selling phones that meet Republics requirements.

Hi @deniseg.t66tqs .

I see that both @SuperT and our help team have provided you the list of phones we support. Please do be careful when selecting a phone that you check the model number, not just the name of the phone.

I also want to be sure you’re aware that yesterday we added four new phones to our online store, so we now have the new Moto G Play as our most affordable new phone. With the help you’ve been offered in your Help Ticket, it may actually be a better option for you than a used phone, since it would include a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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