MOTO G7 Plus Offered for Sale?

Will the MOTO G7 Plus ever be added to the phones for sale on

as of now Motorola has yet to release a North American (US) Factory unlocked version of the Moto G7 Plus (all phone republic support are North American (US) Factory unlocked variants)

Motorola thinks the Moto G7 Plus is too close to the Moto X4 is spec and has decided to not release in the US (at this time)


tl;dr: No

I guess I could have worded my question shorter so it’s not tl;dr

The tl;dr wasn’t in regards to your question. I was just trying to provide a quick answer to your question so if it was directed at anyone that would be fellow Ambassador @drm186 ! :stuck_out_tongue: to him!

Ah, that makes more sense.

Is the Moto G7 Plus International able to work with Republic Wireless service if I brought my phone?

It is not. All phone that work with Republic are US Factory Unlocked version. No International version works with Republic (and also they don’t come with warranties because they’re not meant to be sold in the US).

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