Moto G7 power and wifi


I was wrong. Could you please find out if yiur phone is the oddball or mine is.


Of course. I’ll follow up with you tomorrow.


Who needs help, i say black, she say white, she was right. You cannot help unless you know what the problem is, and she knew the problem. I was wrong, a rarity but it happens


Many routers or APs do have options to restrict devices by 802.11 standard.
I can set on my AP for the 5Ghz AC radio, only AC devices, or N/AC devices.
Same can be done with 2.4ghz radio, restrict to only N devices, or b/g/n devices.

Perhaps the 5ghz network they are trying to connect to has such a restriction in place?

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Possible. For performance reasons I have my home 5GHz network restricted to AC devices and my 2.4GHz restricted to g/n (no b).

Another possible thing…

Some devices do not support the 5ghz DFS channels. (50-144)
However, my mothers Moto E4 is working fine on those channels.
The G7 is a higher model device than the E4.

A new wrinkle:

Good morning @bigbrad2008,

Here’s a screenshot from a production G7 Power from our lab, this is the same phone we sell in our online store:


Thank you, Moto will be called this morning, any advice on what I can do.

Is the network you’re trying to connect to 802.11n enabled? The phone won’t connect to a network that is 802.12ac only.

The topic on the Moto forum that Louis has been watching, now suggests that the phones can see only an 802.11 n 5 GHz network, but would not see an 802.11 ac 5 GHz network.

We have Community members who can talk you through router settings, if there’s a chance some adjustment there would make your 5 GHz network visible to the phone.

Great but my phone does see the neighbors 5g according to the screen shoot. I have to see if my modem is what type. It does appear that the phone connectivity varies between countries

How do I check?

I have no clue on how to check what my router is sending. I am tired of 2.4 GHz only as I live in an apartment. So 1) how can I tell what type of Moto G7 power my phone is and how can I tell what my modem is? It is a new modem. My phone is within 14 days

This is not helping at all. Louis thank you for your help but at this time, please do not try. The Moto forum give varying advice. Southpaw, How do I see if my phone is capable of seeing the n network? How do I see if my router is sending n? Two questions for you.

If you’ll let the Community know what router you have, someone will be able to provide steps. I’m not a router guru, but @louisdi, @cbwahlstrom, @jben and a few other regulars are.

I have contacted rw return. The possible issue that it is the router is from the same web site that says the model can’t see 5 g. So 1) can you tell me via my phone serial number is mine is the oddball phone and 2) can you tell me how to determine if my router is an ac or n? If not, I will send it back. I had no problem admitting I am wrong. However, when this appears to be a major problem that others experience with this model and then Moto says yes 5 g in advertising but no 5g on the phone and on message boards it means one thing. The Moto g7 power is not a phone that should be sold period

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I’m certain, without the serial number, that your phone is not the oddball. And there’s nothing about the serial number that would tell me any more about the phone.

You mentioned it finds your neighbor’s 5G network. If you are friends with these neighbors, there’s a very simple test you could do - just ask if you could sign into their 5G network just long enough to see if your phone connects.
Or, go somewhere else that has a 5G network - a library, Lowes hardware, McDonald’s maybe, and see if it can connect.

If you’d like to tell us what kind of router you have, we’ll be glad to help you determine whether it is capable of supporting a 802.11n 5 GHz network.

Regardless of what we determine about your router, it’s clear you have lost confidence in that phone model, so returning it is probably the wisest choice at this time.

Thanks, I will do the MacDonald route. I have used that wifi before but have never looked to see if 2.4 or 5. I will do that. In my apartment I am getting only 2.4 and I think it losses connection every 5 minutes, I am serious. That sucks. But I am moving soon, getting a new router and if it just an n vs ac issue the move will solve that. I do appreciate your help on this issue and the try MacDonald suggestion. Practical advice, thank you. By the way getting the phone shipped was an issue, RW never sent the tracking number so delivery was screwed up over that. 2nd attempt went smoothly. Again thank you for simple advice, go to MacDonald and try it out. PS, I ordered a phone case from Amazon and tried to cancel that, too late they said. Thank you for your time. I have wasted to much time on this so going to another place is an easy solution. I hope Moto gives consistent advice in the future however.

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