Moto G7 Power Can't install new apps?

Moto G7 Power (32 GB + 128 GB micro SD card), My Choice plan, 2 GB

On Sunday (1/5/20) I was having an issue with a different device being dropped from my home WIFI, so I wanted to download and install a WIFI analyzer. I found one or two that met my needs, but neither would download/install to my phone. They both show up in Google Play my apps and games/library, but pressing the install button there doesn’t work either.

I was going to reboot my phone when I got up today, but saw that there was a software update for my phone, can’t find the update info other than Android 9. It installed fine, but after the update and reboot I still can’t install new apps. Tonight I went to open an app (Lanetalk) and it would only go to the splash screen. Others at the bowling alley were able to use it. Disabled the app, rebooted but still wouldn’t open. Deleted the app and tried to reinstall, but it wouldn’t either.

Email, Chrome, most other apps already installed all seem to work, but tried quite a few apps from the Google Play store and none seem to install.

What can I do to diagnose the problem?

Hi @spidacat

Is the 128 SD card formatted as extra storage or as removable?
This sounds like an issue that can happen if you have it formatted as extra storage.

If true, I would suggest moving any data off you need from the SD card, reformat it as removable, then try your apps again.

No, it is formatted as internal storage.

My bad (in my wording), I’m going off memory :smile_cat:
Yes, internal means it is formatted as an extension of the phones 32GB memory. You need to reformat as “portable” (went and looked it up this time :wink:)

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I’ve been using it this way since I got the phone (about 6 months). I can’t see why anything would change now. I have quite a bit of things on the card - apps and music. If I have to I guess I could move everything off the card, reformat as portable, then move everything back, but what has changed with the phone/operating system… that would suddenly not allow new apps to install when I’ve been using it in the current configuration for so long?

Unknown I’m afraid. Phones like home computers can start acting out for many reasons.
I understand your reluctance to proceed with a reformat. We can try a few other things and also wait for more Community Member s to chime in with ideas.

I do want to say tho, while it’s true you can extend the memory with the SD card. It is very common for apps not to like it. And while it was working before, as your phone and it’s apps update, it wound not surprise me that something like this would happen. SD cards can also fail, and when they are formatted as extended storage and fail bad things happen. Google photos (going by memory here again), will put your pictures on the SD card even is formatted as Portable. (I just see too many issues when an SD card is used as extended storage) :wink:

So, i guess the old clear the cache trick would be the next option

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I reformatted the SD card as portable and it looks like it solved my problem. I was able to install the apps that wouldn’t download/install earlier. The other app that wouldn’t open properly now does also. The only issue I have now is that there is still 24 GB on my internal storage 12 GB is system and 9.6 is “other apps”. Most/all of those probably can’t be migrated, but even the things that should be able to be moved - photos and music don’t seem to. Things like photos and camera just say clear cache or clear storage (which deletes, not moves). Other phone seems to have something like “migrate data”, but I can’t find anything like that on the G7 Power.

You did this too right?

Did you moved (or have backed up) the pictures and music you had on the SD card (when it was part of the internal memory), before it was reformatted?

If not… If you just reformatted without moving anything that was using the SD card as “internal” storage you will probably have to restore pictures and music from back up. Your photo should be here:

As for trying to free up your phones internal storage I would recommend Googles Files app:

It is excellent to find files on your phone and has a good clean up feature.

I did copy all the music and photos before reformatting. I’ve already moved the music back to the card, but not the pictures yet. There are still plenty of pictures on the phone, but can’t find they’re actual location. Both internal storage “pictures” and “DCIM/camera” are both empty according to Files.

I have the Files app, but after the reformat it doesn’t find anything to move. I can go to Apps and see that there is still a gig or 2 of photos/music (not sure why), but it only gives me the option to clear data (delete) or clear cache. I don’t see any way to move or migrate anything to the newly reformatted card.

I don’t necessarily care per se, but I’m not crazy about having 24 of my internal 32 gigs tied up on a pretty new phone. I know most of that is system files that can’t be moved, but I’d like to move anything that can be moved to the SD card.

Great! I love hearing when Members (Republic customers like me and you), have made backups!

Are you looking at the pictures via the Google Photos app?

This could be caused by you backing up you photos (good!), to Google photos and then “freeing up space” (in the Google Photos app), which keeps a cache file of your pictures (so you can view them), but not the full photo. That’s also why you would not see anything to move in the locations you mentioned.

Your pictures should be located on : where you can download them if needed.

(By the way, give a look in the setting of the camera or Google Photos, one of them should have a setting to save your picture you take to the SD card and not the internal memory.)

If you go in the setting of your phone and then storage are you able to see what’s taking up space?

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