Moto G7 Power cell

Looking to upgrade to the Moto G7 Power but darn, RW wants $249 for a 32 GB device while Wally World has a 64 GB for $225.
{I assume I need to buy a card from RW to activate this}

I don’t mind paying a little extra to RW but paying more for less does not make sense.

Also, just a side comment, WTx is with Motorola not offering the One Vision in the USA? Seems like a very nice phone but no intentions on Motorola’s part to offer it in the US.

Have you seen this –


Look again. The Walmart ad for the 64 GB G7 Power phone I see states that it’s the International model. Their price for for the US G7 Power that works with RW is $249.99.


WOW! Thank you! You saved me time, money, and blood pressure.

Is the standard G7 OK? Or should I go with the G6 my wife is using?

Thanks again

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Thanks freddyp! The community sure helps

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The standard G7 at Walmart or somewhere else? In any event, to be certain coverage on a G7 would work for you, may we know your zip code (nothing more)?


I am a current RW customer in the 14080 zip code! Thanks

Thank you for being willing to share the zip! I asked because some folks are not aware Republic provisions phones for cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network, the other a CDMA network. Those network partners are T-Mobile and Sprint respectively.

My reading of coverage in your area is that you’ll want CDMA coverage, which is not currently available on the G7 series even if purchased from Republic. It’a a technical issue that Republic is working on, however, that work is not complete and there is not yet a definitive timeline.

I suspect a G6 or other currently CDMA network compatible phone is the best choice for you. We can get some further confirmation on that by looking at provisioned coverage on your wife’s G6. Specifically, please let us know if it’s GSM or CDMA. Here’s how to tell:


Thank you rolandh, her phone is showing GSM.

95% of the time in the 14080 area, I’m at home and running off WiFi. Our town is notorious for poor cell, tv, radio, reception and even our Fire Dept loses contact at times.

When I’m out of the house, then what issues would you expect with the G7?

You’re welcome and, candidly, this isn’t the answer I was expecting. GSM coverage in and around your area is, generally, “fair”. Republic’s GSM network partner (T-Mobile) describes that thusly “Cell reception outdoors and occasionally indoors”. Obviously, with Republic, if one has WiFi access when “indoors”, that’s less of an issue. On the other hand, now that I look at it, CDMA (Sprint) coverage looks worse.

None, that your wife doesn’t encounter as the coverage would be the same. Therefore, the only thing remaining to do is insure any G7 you purchase is Republic compatible. To that end, if shopping somewhere other than Republic, if you share the link, we can help confirm that.

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Thanks again! I’ll just order it through RW and save some aggravation.


I bought the 64gb unlocked phone elsewhere. The sim card was only $5 from RW. I say go for it. I love the phone so far…

Hi @jamess.oabi8l,

Just to be sure we don’t lead anyone into making an expensive purchasing mistake, exactly what model phone did you purchase? There are three varieties of Moto G7, and this conversation is focused on the G7 Power, which is model number XT1955-5.

Could it be that you have the 64GB Moto G7, which is model number XT1962-1?

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Yes it is the XT1962-1 sorry about that …

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Thanks Jamess and southpaw. Glad to know I did not settle for a 32 GB when I could have had a 64. IMO, staying with RW is worth the smaller size.


I have seen the g7 power on ebay with 64 gb at 203 32gb 189 i really like this phone however im not sure it will take as good pictures as my moto pure.I had a new battery installed and the notification sounds no loner work and the screen goes haywire occasionally so it may be a mute point.

The G7 Power with 64GB that you see on eBay will not work with Republic. It was not meant for sale in the US (it is a gray market good, imported by someone not authorized to do so, not illegal, but without Motorola’s permission and therefore without warranty or US support for the OS, etc) and is therefore not compatible with Republic.

Well that sucks I wonder how they get away with it!

It’s a very common practice. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that 50% of the phones on eBay are like this. All of the Chinese phones alone from Xiaomi, Pocofone, Huawei, etc make up a huge number of listings and were never sold in the US. Then, it is very common for these resellers to buy phones in Latin American countries where they are much cheaper, and then resell them in the US, or to buy locked carrier phones, and unlock them and then try to sell them as factory unlocked. This phenomena is the who reason I created this article: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

Just because I’m weird, I spent some time looking and on the first page of results (50) for “cell phone” on eBay:
30 are Android phones (20 were iPhones)
Of these only 21 were meant for sale in the US and
of those only 17 are actually labeled correctly as “factory unlocked”

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