Moto G7 Power Has any one tried it yet

Has any one got the Moto G7 Power yet.
An byop to Rw.

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I have a new Moto G7 and love it

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Hi @telemon1,

Is there something specific you’d like to know about the phone, or are you just checking to see if anyone has successfully BYO’d it?


I asked in an earlier post about suggestions to replace an MXP. Great Question!.

Note (the MXP is still performing well, (still
with ~90% battery capacity)…just say’in… :grinning:

You can say yes. I am concerned about if we can use band 71 on your gsm partner.
Also the big battery an not a glass back either.
Iam chomping at the bit to get it ,But I can wait an see what others have to say about the phone.

I’m chomping at the bit to get one for my wife. I see Best Buy is selling them for $250. Do we know for sure that it works with Republic?

Yes, that phone (that you linked to) will work with Republic.

My big concern is RW going to support band 71? Or like FI they wont?

Folks participating in this Reddit thread indicate Fi supports Band 71 generally:

Have you seen something indicating otherwise for the Moto G7 Power specifically? My understanding is both the G7 Play and G7 Power support Band 71 while the plain G7 does not. It’s also my understanding Republic’s GSM coverage is equivalent to the coverage its GSM partner’s customers receive directly.

Band 71 already works on existing band 71 phones on Republic, and also works on Fi. So I don’t know where you heard that Fi phones that support band 71 don’t work.

I got a answer from Scot on there forum They will not have all the the op. like switching from cell to cell sys. An said if you had band 2,4 etc it should
work but not all the options. That if it was a fi phone.Also TMO G7 Has band 71 That they sell.

From what I can tell you are correct, neither the G7 Play or G7 Power are “designed for Fi” phones, so like other phones not designed for Fi they’re limited to TMO’s network on Fi.

You are also correct, the plain G7 sold by TMO specifically for its network is enabled for Band 71. The factory unlocked plain G7 required for use with Republic is not Band 71 enabled. If I had to guess, I’d say TMO and Motorola struck a deal on that. Such a thing is not unprecedented, the LG K30 sold by TMO specifically for its network is Band 71 enabled while the factory unlocked K30 sold by Republic and others is not Band 71 enabled.

The good news is TMO doesn’t appear to be selling network specific variants of the G7 Play or the G7 Power. Everything I’ve read says the factory unlocked variants of both the G7 Play and the G7 Power (which are supported by Republic for bring your own phone) unlike the factory unlocked plain G7 do support Band 71.

I agree with all that you stated . And yes TMO did have a deal with moto about the G7 There was a
article in ares tech. about that in march. I may be reading to much in all this. But what if TMO says to RW dont turn band 71 on Because you are a mnvo
an it is for are customers only on are sys.?

Since Republic now uses factory unlocked phones, Republic doesn’t control the software. In this case, Motorola does. The TMO/Moto deal on the G7 is unfortunate, however, I don’t see something similar being applied retroactively to the G7 Play and/or G7 Power.

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Thank you for the info an insights. Iam keeping my eye on the G7 power I really dont use that much
data ,just need to make calls ,etc like the battery, band 71. But my Moto G5+ an the wife,s is still working great. So my Nexuxs 5X on FI Have had it for3 years now.
Agian thank for the info an all the help.

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Here’s a screen capture from the Motorola site showing Band 71 under the G7 Power FDD LTE specs:

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Hi ford 44
Yes have read all that. But thanks for the info.
Iam holding back Till I hear any reviews or on the forum of how it works. Still like the G7 power May
pull the plug an get it .:thinking:

Does this thread confirm that we can bring our own G7 Power to RW? When I went through the BYOD process it is very specific about the model number of the plain G7 which of course does not match that of the G7 Power. Has anyone successfully joined a G7 Power to RW and if so, why doesn’t RW update the site to include it? Thanks

Hi @kens.envarm and welcome to the Community!

The G7 Power is indeed supported for bring your own phone. Official confirmation of that may be found here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. As for the lack of an update to Republic’s marketing website, it’s a work in progress. Updating the marketing website is more involved than updating Help Center articles.

If you’re upgrading a current Republic phone, it’s possible the G7 Power’s coverage will be different. Different does not mean worse. For more insight, may we know the brand, model and generation of your current Republic phone and a zip code, please?

Thanks for the quick response @rolandh.
To join this phone to RW, I should just select the regular Moto G7 as my device and request a SIM?

This is a new line for my existing account.

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