Moto G7 Power Has any one tried it yet

Presuming you’re referring to the compatibility check when purchasing a bring your own SIM, it doesn’t matter which of the available phones you choose as none are a match for the G7 Power. The bring your own SIM Republic sell works in any compatible phone. The list exists there to inform one of what the compatible phones are not because a specific SIM is required for a particular phone. Shortly, I expect Republic will get the G7 Power added to the list there but it’s not necessary to wait for that to happen.

So long as you’re not seeing any messages about bring your own phone not being available in your area, please feel free to proceed with a SIM purchase with confidence. Please also be certain to acquire the correct G7 Power model as indicated in the previously referenced Help Center article when shopping elsewhere. The easiest way to do so is to purchase directly from Motorola.

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Thanks again. Order placed.


Well, my partner received her G7 Power yesterday (replacing a G5s+ with a broken screen). So far, everything has been smooth and easy. The battery and speed are especially impressive.

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