Moto G7 Power Mic weak? People cannot hear me, connection issues

Had a MOTO G7 power for about 8 months. Right away, noticed when I speak, other’s keep telling me they can BARELY HEAR me. So, I have to raise my voice, and try to slide the phone downward… but, then, I cannot hear them, as my ear is not right on the speaker. Anyone else have this issue? Do I have a bad phone, or is there a fix for it? I also dropped the phone a few times, and it’s cracked big time. I dropped my Samsung a hundred times, and it never cracked. Plus, the G7 seems to have connection issues. Often, I have to call someone several times, before the call goes through…and it beeps repeatedly when making Wapp calls, now. Is my home router going out? I don’t know if the issue is my phone, or my router, or something else. Other than those issues, I like the phone!

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