Moto G7 power or moto G7

i am looking at upgrading my moto x Pure to G7 power or G7. Any recommendations?

See if any of this helps –

@marciah - we weren’t patient enough and bought a couple of G6’s when the sales hit. Really wanted the G7 Power simply for the long battery life but they weren’t out yet. Not complaining about the G6. Everyone has something that is important to them that swings the buying decision. Hopefully the information will help!


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If you open the Republic app on the Moto X Pure and tap the settings gear :gear: and then tap About, what does the app report for SIM type?

I’m currently carrying both a Moto X Pure and G7 Power, and I don’t have any complaints about the G7 Power! I charge it about once every 5-6 days! In addition to that list of features that @freddyp linked, I’d suggest this one:

One difference is that the G7 family does not have NFC - which matters if you use Tap to Pay (Android Pay).


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