Moto G7 power sounds auto switch to default

Over the past few weeks on my Moto G7 Power, I have set a specific notification sound for phone ringtone/default notification sound/default alarm sound and they appear to work fine. Within a few days, they always switch back to a default system sound (usually a ping). I continue to reset the sounds but they continue to return to default mode. Another strange thing is also happening. When I first set the sound, it shows up with the title of the sound I’m using for each sound. After a few days, the sound titles for phone, alarm, etc. start showing up as a sequence of numbers in place of the titles.

There is one other similar item I’m trying to fix. I want to have a separate sound alerts for texts, emails, news bulletins, etc. When I attempt to set these, all the individual notifications keep going back to the same default notification sound.

If anyone has a solution for the above situation, please let me know.

Hi @djfro,

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I’m sorry to see no one has taken a stab at your question yet. I like having unique notification tones for various notifications, too.

When I’ve seen this happen, it usually means the phone cannot find the audio file. Do you have it stored on an SD card, or on the phone’s internal memory?

Are these notification tones on the SD card?

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Hi southpaw (left hander on this end also). Thanks for the response. To answer your questions, my music downloads are on my SD card. The media storage (with the pre-loaded sounds like pings along with yahoo sounds) are on my internal storage. Not sure if I’m using the best method but, when I need a new ringtone/notification/alarm sound, I go to Zedge, pick a sound and it asks me if I want to “set ringtone, notification or alarm” and I click on my choice. After signing out of Zedge, I go to “settings” and then “sounds” on my phone and it shows my sound choice. A few days later, the phone then defaults to a ping sound and the “sound” screen then shows a number instead of my choice. Maybe there is an easier way to set the sound for my Moto G7 Power, but this method has worked for my other phones.

Hi @djfro,

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I believe that somehow the phone is losing the path to these custom notification tones.

I noticed this review for Zedge in the Play Store, from 1/3/21:

Update: Zedge programmers have solved the storage issue and it appears to be working correctly again. Thanks. Former review: I’m about to give up on Zedge. I have used this formerly excellent product for many years. I even subscribe. However, lately it had become very unstable. The first issue that I had was that it wouldn’t “see” tones in it’s folders that it had previously downloaded to my phone. I reported it. Now it doesn’t even download the tones.

Have you checked to see if there’s an update to your Zedge app?

I’m also wondering if the SD card is starting to flake out. Do you have a file manager app on your phone that might let you move the file you’ve created with Zedge into the Notifications folder in the phone’s internal storage?

Hello again southpaw,

I would also like to crown you Moto G7 Power guru. I took your advice and it seemed to solve the problems. I did have Zedge on my SD card, updated it and then moved it to internal storage. I am now trying to figure how to add sound downloads to my notification file. Once again, thanks for your assistance. Have a great day!


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