Moto G7 Power that doesn't work

I just got a Moto G7 Power and when I turn it on it just shows me the phone nothing else?

Hi @hipcowboy420!
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I’m not sure what

means. Do you mean the Moto display shows but does not continue booting up? Or the screen is dark?
Is there a SIM installed yet?


There’s a sims card already installed. And when I boot up just the clock appears and when you swipe down the phone dailer shows up. And that’s it. No apps and no way to go anywhere else. Now I got it coping my account from my old phone. But it been coping for about 5 minutes now. It’s not coping it just keeps trying to connect but doesn’t.

Hi @hipcowboy420 - just to clarify, you’re are getting the following Moto Display screen?

And from here the only thing the display will do is respond to a swipe down? Not sure what phone you are replacing, but there are different swipe actions depending on what version of Android you have. The latest should respond to a swipe up.

Another question - During the setup process, did you add a passcode, pattern, or fingerprint to lock your device?

My wife’s MotoG6 Moto Display does not respond well when it’s plugged into a charger. Don’t know why, but when unplugged it’s works great. Might try unplugging the phone and swipe up to see if you can get to the desktop.

Just a few suggestions to get to the desktop before even starting to address copying any files. I’m a little confused about the copying indications if you can’t get to the desktop. Hope this helps!

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I believe I’ve got it! Thank you! Peace

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When you get a chance, could you elaborate on how you fixed your issue…so that future visitors to the forums can benefit from the solution?

I am horrible with computers. But it was all trial and error. LOL!

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