Moto G7 Power thoughts

Been with RW since 2012 (2011 really, but I procrastinated and had to wait…(remember the LG Optimus anyone?)…lol.

Recently bought a Moto G7 Power to replace my Moto X Pure (style).

I took advantage of a sale, $250 for the G7 +free G6, and I could not be happier.

Now, admittedly, I am not a ‘power user’ by any means, but I do use today’s technological advantages that smart device’s offer, and this phone is certainly capable of that.

The screen resolution, camera, speed, software, and even the ‘low’ (32GB) of internal storage + sd storage, are all as good, maybe better, than my beloved Pure device.

The Battery…Wow. Let’s put it this way…I charge my phone every ‘week’, whether it needs it or not. I am not exaggerating, and…it charges ‘fast’, considering the 5000 mAh battery.

I have had a fair amount of cellular devices over the decade(s), and many Moto products, this is a great device for the price, in my opinion.

Just wanted to share my thought’s, and give a :+1: to Moto, for giving us another ‘budget’ phone that really does give us a ‘bang for our buck’. Well done.


I also took advantage of the Moto G7 Power offer last month. The offer came at an opportune time for me as I had just put my previous phone through the laundry (long story) and my wife was in need of an upgrade. My thoughts on the Moto G7 Power echo yours, and we remain two happy RW customers.

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