Moto G7 price discrepency

Noticed that the Moto G7 is here for $299, and on Amazon for about $250. Are there differences between the two products? Why should I buy the one from republic, instead of the one from amazon and bring it here? Legacy member here, been with republic for a long time.

Hi @michaelc.6mw7hs,

Just as the price of a hammer at Ace Hardware might differ from Home Depot’s price, the price of a phone at Republic’s online store might differ (for better or worse) from another retailer’s price. I would point out Amazon, in particular, sells a lot more phones that Republic does and, therefore, no doubt is able to secure more favorable wholesale pricing.

Amazon sells both Republic compatible and incompatible (typically international) variants of the Moto G7. The Republic compatible variant is linked here:â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– sprefix=moto+g7%2Caps%2C195

It is indeed marked down from Motorola’s list price. When sourcing a Republic compatible phone elsewhere, one must acquire the needed SIM separately. Any SIM in a legacy phone is phone specific and cannot be used in another phone.

As you may know, Republic offers multiple coverage options for newer compatible phones. To be certain we point you to a SIM with appropriate coverage attached, would you be willing to share a zip code?


My zip is 19107. I currently have a Motorola g6 that I got from republic October '18. It needs a new faceplate and a new rear plate. Got run over!. I wonder if it is still under warranty, also I might repair it. It seems to be working fine except for the earphones plug. Any thoughts? I know a replacement G6 runs about150, might splurge for a new g7.

Hi @michaelc.6mw7hs

Unfortunately, phones come with a 12-month warranty against manufacturer defect. This does not include phones which are dropped, exposed to liquid or other accidental damage.

You could check with a local repair shop to see if a repair is possible/economically feasible. If there is a Cell Phone Repair near you, they generally have a good reputation.

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Hi @michaelc.6mw7hs,

You referred to yourself as a legacy member, however, your Moto G6 is not considered to be a legacy phone. Though unfortunately run over, it’s SIM likely survived and might move to a new phone.

If possible, please remove and examine that SIM. Is the lettering for the word Republic a mix of green and black? Or, is that lettering all gray or all black?


the sim is ok. Can I just put it into a new phone? or just another G6? Can I use it in the G7 series too? Or do I need a new one?

We need this information in order to be able to answer your question.

I did remove It. And the lettering for the word Republic a mix of green and black .

Then indeed that SIM can be moved to another compatible phone (including the G6 and G7). Once in the compatible phone you’ll activate it by installing and opening the Republic App.

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Thanks everyone for your help

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