Moto g7 restock

The Moto G7 is out of stock. Does anyone know when or if republic wireless will restock?

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I’m not sure when Republic will have the G7 back in stock… but in the meantime I see it at Best Buy and B&H for $229.99.

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Hi @shenas,

Republic will not be restocking the Moto G7. Are you intending to upgrade the phone you currently use with Republic?

If so, may we know the brand, model and generation of your current phone? I ask because when sourcing a compatible phone from a third party you may also need a new SIM.

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As @rolandh indicated, it won’t be restocked by Republic. Best Buy seems to have it if you’re interested in getting it locally. You can check if your local store has it here:

But will the one from Best Buy work with RW? RW appears to support a particular model #, but when I looked at BB last month, I could not find a model #. I am not opposed to purchasing a SIM card from RW since I have a Moto 3rd Gen and would need to get a new SIM card anyway. But I don’t want to purchase from BB, only to find out that it’s not the correct model #.

Yes the Best Buy model is compatible.

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