Moto G7 SIM card

My Moto G7 play appears to receive G4 as LTE. I read that with G4 a CDMA or GSa. SIM card does not matter. However I have tried both now with a variety of results here in northwest Michigan. So what gives? I read upgrade to a G4 phone and forget about CDMA or GSA. I don’t understand that.

The Moto G7 play is capable of utilizing 4G LTE on both the CDMA and GSM SIM. Carriers are going away from 3G voice communications and moving toward Voice Over LTE. You don’t need to do anything to take advantage of this on a G7 play phone. You’re good to go unless there is some problem you are experiencing that you need help with. If you’re having coverage problems let us know a zip code and we can try to assess which SIM has the best coverage in that area. There are still some coverage differences between Republic’s CDMA and GSM networks, however it’s changing rapidly as T-Mobile integrates Sprint into their network architecture.

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Some articles seem to indicate Cdma or Gsm SIM won’t matter. I have both and the G seems better coverage currently. And maybe Cdma will be an eventual loser?

Sprint (now owned by T-Mobile) and Verizon, the big CDMA networks in the United States, are moving away from CDMA technology. So yes, CDMA as we know it is disappearing.

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