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Issue Description

Moto G7 about a month old, zero apps added (except Republic of course), don’t use headphones or connect to anything. Only thing different from when I received it, is pictures I’ve taken and changed ring/message sounds.

When I first noticed something was odd
The sound when you plug in to charge my G7 got really soft, like 1/4 volume, and then never made that sound again after about a week.

Then today, my text message notification sound was gone, and the phone vibrated instead, although it shows a little bell (not on vibrate), and volume is 100% and shows similar in sound options. While in sound options, I was clicking on the sliders to hear the results, and then while looking at the phone… the call volume went to zero by itself before my eyes (was not swiping or even touching the screen - the slider just went to zero all of a sudden).

I often use the speakerphone and have had no issues at all with it’s volume.

Found many posts all over about similar issues, but I am unsure if this is a Moto issue or an Android issue. Restarting the phone fixed both the charging and messaging sounds.

I’m just worried about the sound turning off for alarms, which in one post I read made a guy miss an appointment. Does anyone have any input on what I can do to make sure this does not happen?

Hi @jamesv.hovqtx

I too have the G7 ( for several months now).

This is a switch located in settings>sound>advanced (charging sound switch)

This is worrisome because you say:

Which makes it sound like your phone is experiencing ghost touches due to either a software or hardware issue. You also state that a reboot of the phone fixes the issue (at least for a while).

Since you have no apps installed (other than Republics) I would suggest a Factory Reset and start from scratch.
If you still see things moving around when you’re not touching the phone, I would return it under the hardware warranty.

Added: I always forget to think of this to ask till I hear @southpaw in my head) :smile:

If you have a phone case on the phone, it might be hitting the sound rocker and moving your volume levels… if you have a case… try removing it :wink:


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